FIFA 23 Pro Clubs Comes With New Perks & A New Progression System

FIFA 23 Pro Clubs comes with an overhauled progression system as well as four new player perks. We'll show you how the Pro Clubs gameplay might change.

FIFA 23 Pro Clubs
New Perks And An Overhauled Progression System For Pro Clubs | © EA Sports

Although Pro Clubs wasn't the game mode that excited the FIFA players too much, we'll have a look at a few changes that will be introduced into the game mode for FIFA 23. Playing in a team together with your friends and gaining XP through every match played, so you can upgrade your player with stat boosts and perks – that's just fun.

This probably doesn't sound like news to you because you know all this from FIFA 22. EA has made some adjustments to these features, though.

The Overhauled Progression System In FIFA 23

Everyone who played Pro Clubs in the last game will know this feeling. At the start, it's real fun to improve your Pro from game to game and constantly trade the skill points you earn on the way for stat boosts and unlock new player perks. But then you quickly get to the point in the game where it not only takes multiple matches to reach the next level, but sometimes a whole season or even more.

And once you finally reach level 25, that's it. No more levels to reach. That's exactly what EA Sports is trying to change with the next edition of their flagship game, by adjusting the progression system. In FIFA 23, there will not only be less XP you have to earn to reach the respective next level, but also distinctively more levels.

The Canadian game developers are trying to supply the players with rewards more frequently and with that, keep them in Pro Clubs for longer. How many levels we will have in FIFA 23 and how long it will take to reach the final level for your Pro was not revealed yet by EA Sports. We'll probably have to wait for the game's release on September 30th to have certainty on that.

The New Perks For FIFA 23

To further individualize your Pro in FIFA 23 Pro Clubs and to give him a more realistic playing style, EA will introduce four new perks for the new game. You can earn these with the newly improved progression system and then apply them to your Pro. Two of the four new perks, improve the defensive abilities of your player.

With the chasedown perk selected, your player is able to track back better after your team lost possession to regain the ball as quick as possible and to even out the previous mistake.

The interceptor perk improves your players' abilities to block and intercept passes from your opposition to stop the attack and possibly even launch a counter-attack.

If you're having the playmaker role in your Pro Club, you should consider choosing the light passes perk. With this perk equipped, your teammates will be able to control your passes better, to avoid easy mistakes on the first touch and to build a fluent attack.

Especially in combination with the poacher perk, which you should look into in case you are a striker, the light passes perk could be very effective. Attackers are considered poachers if they often poke into the opponent's box and challenge defenders with that. Your Pro will have improved finishing stats with this perk selected. Which perk will you choose for your Pro?

If our explanation wasn't enough for you, feel free to have a look at the changes in EA Sport's video. What do you think of the new perks and the overhauled progression system? Will you give the new combination of VOLTA and Pro Clubs in FIFA 23 a chance? Or will you stick with Ultimate Team?