EA Combines Pro Clubs And Volta In FIFA 23: Will That Work?

EA Sports announced big news for Pro Clubs and Volta. In FIFA 23, both modes will be combined. What awaits us?

FIFA 23 Pro Clubs Volta
In FIFA 23 Pro Clubs and Volta will be combined . | © EA Sports

EA has started the promo phase for the next FIFA. We already know quite a bit about new features in FIFA 23. Now we have news for two modes that are not quite at the top of the popularity charts.

In FIFA 23, there will only be one character for Volta and Pro Clubs. It almost seems like EA just throws together the less popular modes to somehow save them or make them more interesting. But let's take a closer look.

FIFA 23: Shared Progress In Pro Clubs And Volta

The most important thing: You can only create one avatar or pro in FIFA 23, with which you then play matches and mini-games in Pro Clubs and Volta. The progress you make with your pro will then carry over into both Volta and Pro Clubs.

That can be really nice, because leveling up the pros in FIFA 22 really took forever. If you now make faster, easier progress, that's nice. But the question remains: do we want to play Volta?

While the FIFA main modes are Ultimate Team and the Career Mode, the Pro Clubs community is actually quite large – but EA ignores it. There will be no cross-play for Pro Clubs in FIFA 23. That's really sad, this mode in particular would have benefited if teammates could be found across platforms when searching for a player.

Pro Clubs Changes

Are you a fan of Pro Clubs? Great, the new features will make you go nuts. We get new rewards, new perks and new skill games. Unbelievable, isn't it? No, seriously: Doesn't look like FIFA 23 will be a revolution for Pro Clubs.

Depending on whether the new perks are useful, the changes in Pro Clubs are useful or not. We will go into more detail about them in a guide. Check out the trailer to see all the new features for yourself.

Volta Changes

EA could never really implement the "FIFA Street Style" through Volta. Would have been too nice. Instead, the fun mode is more for a long night when you're hanging out with a buddy in front of the console and you don't even know what to play anymore.

Although EA announces that we will see fresh, new content in terms of presentation and gameplay, revised signature skills and better dribbling– it remains to be seen whether the whole thing succeeded. If we have to play extra Volta mini-games with our pro just to level him up more quickly... that's kind of missing the point.