FIFA 23 Demo: Infos, News, Release, Alternatives

There was no demo for FIFA 22 – what will happen for FIFA 23? We have all the latest news about the FIFA 23 demo – and tell you how you can play early on.

FIFA 23 Demo
Here you can find all information about the FIFA 23 Demo! | © EA / EG

FIFA 23 is about to drop. EA has already announced some news and changes to the gameplay, including the new technology Hypermotion 2. But right here, we want to know if there will be a FIFA 23 demo at all because in the last two years, we didn't get one...

FIFA 23 Demo: EA Cancels Demos

A demo for the new FIFA was a tradition for many years. The fact that there was no demo for FIFA 21 and FIFA 22 surprised all FIFA players. It looks like EA won't release a demo for FIFA 23 either – at least not for everyone.

We would appreciate it if EA released a demo again because that would significantly increase the hype about the new FIFA – at least that was the case for us. But since there are no demos not only for FIFA, but also for F1 and NHL, EA is counting on us that we will all buy the game again anyway... without being able to try the gameplay ourselves first.

There is no denial from EA yet, but everything indicates that there will be no demo. But there are still ways to play FIFA 23 as early as possible. That's why we show you all alternatives to the FIFA 23 demo here.

FIFA 23 EA Play Trial (EA Access)

The easiest way to play FIFA 23 earlier than others. In the EA Play Trial, you can do whatever you want for ten hours beforehand. You can get FIFA Points, open packs, buy players and play your first matches. The cool thing is that your progress carries over if you buy the full version afterwards – the bad thing is that the trial phase start on September 27th this year. The release is on September 30th – so much for "Early Access with EA Play".

If you want to know what you have to do to sign up and how you can use the EA Play Trial, you can continue here: How to play FIFA 23 before everyone else.

FIFA 23 FUT Web App & Companion App

The apps are a way to get into FUT early. But you can't play FIFA matches with it, only the usual stuff like trading and setting up your team. Here you can find all information about the FUT Web App and the Companion App.

FIFA 23 Closed Demo

Like we already said, there are pre-release versions of FIFA 23. But don't get too excited because access to the beta will only be opened for a few selected players. And we have to be honest with you here, it's REALLY difficult to get the appropriate code.

For example, we received a beta code from EA this year – but we can't tell you anything about the gameplay, sorry.

How to apply for the FIFA 23 closed demo:

  • Create or log in to your EA account on EA's website
  • Select ‘Account Settings’
  • Go to 'Email Preferences', check the box 'Yes, email me about products(...)' and click the 'Update' button
  • Click on the 'Community Playtesting' button and follow the instructions to sign up
  • Check the email associated with your EA account to see if you've been invite

FIFA 23 Demo: Potential Release Date

The closed beta could start as early as August. Keep an eye on your inbox once you've signed up. And while it doesn't look like EA is going to stray from its new path, a demo might be released for all of us. To estimate when this would appear, just look at when the demos were released in the previous years. As a rule, this was always the case about two weeks before the release of the final version. Here is the FIFA demo history:

  • The FIFA 20 Demo could be downloaded from September 10 (release September 24)
  • The FIFA 19 Demo could be downloaded from September 13 (release September 28)
  • The FIFA 18 Demo could be downloaded from September 12 (release September 29)
  • The FIFA 17 Demo could be downloaded from September 13 (release September 27)

If EA sticks to this, a FIFA 23 demo could be released on September 14, 2022. The FIFA 23 release is on September 30th, the Ultimate Edition will be released already on September 27th.

Havertz Trap Hires WM 16x9
Chelsea's Kai Havertz demonstrates the new FIFA 23 animations. | © EA

Although it is not yet clear when the FIFA 23 demo will be released or if there will be one at all, it is easy to say something about possible platforms.

FIFA 23 Demo: All Platforms

Of course, a demo will be launched on the next gen consoles, meaning the PlayStation 5, the Xbox Series X|S and the PC. The current gen (PS4, Xbox One) would also get a demo. So there would be a demo for all these platforms:

  • PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation 5
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X|S
  • PC
  • Google Stadia

It is not clear yet, whether the Switch could get a FIFA 23 demo. EA neglected the version for Nintendo's console for years, so we might see a demo – but not for the Switch.