FIFA 23 On Xbox Game Pass: The Wait Is Over – But There's One Problem

You want to play FIFA on Xbox Game Pass? If you haven't bought it yet, we have excellent news for you. FIFA 23 is included on Xbox Game Pass – but with a small caveat.

FIFA 23 Game Pass
Play FIFA 23 via Xbox Game Pass – EA reveals the release date. | © Xbox / EA Sports / EarlyGame

FIFA 23 has been available in stores since September 30, 2022. If you want to play it for free, you can find it among the games on Microsoft's Game Pass (available for PC and Xbox) from May 16 on.

FIFA 23 wasn't included in Game Pass for quite a while though – thankfully that has changed now. However, there is a small caveat.

FIFA 23 On Game Pass – How To Get Access

EA has been working with Microsoft for a long time, so it was always likely that FIFA 23 would eventually come to Game Pass. FIFA 22 is already included – FIFA 21 will be removed on May 31.

As of now, you can play the last FIFA game by EA Sports via Game Pass. However, there is one small restriction: Since games by EA are part of EA Play, FIFA 23 is only available via EA Play or the Ultimate Game Pass, which includes EA Play. But you can easily get the Ultimate Game Pass for one month and play FIFA 23 in addition to many other games:

FIFA 23 is included in Microsoft's "Play List" since Tuesday, May 16.

FIFA 23 Game Pass
FIFA 23 is now available in the Ultimate Game Pass on Xbox and PC via EA Play. | © EA Sports

It's not clear yet how things will look like in Fall this year with FIFA 24 – or rather EA Sports FC– and if it will be available "for free" within the Microsoft services again.

Is FIFA Coming To PS Plus?

There's also hope for all PlayStation fans. FIFA 22 has been one of the PS Plus games in June 2022. So we expect that FIFA 23 will be free to play for PS5 and PS4 one day.

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