FIFA 23 Early Access: Release And Start Time For EA Play Trial

The release of FIFA 23 is getting closer. On September 30, the world can start the grind. But how can you play early on? See the release date and time for FIFA 23's early access that you can get via EA Play Trial. Start your 10 hours and test the game yourself.

FIFA 23 Early Access
FIFA 23 early access: release of the EA Play Trial. | © EarlyGame

The anticipation for FIFA 23 continues to grow. Of course, we want to tell you when you can play FIFA 23 – if possible, before everyone else. Every year, we all want to be one of the first gamers to play the new FIFA. Mostly because starting early can give you a huge advantage in Ultimate Team.

FIFA 23 Early Access

EA has given us a roadmap for the launch of FIFA 23. September 30, 2022, is the official launch day for the upcoming part – but logically, that is just too late for us FUT grinders. We want to get our hands on FIFA 23 in advance and as early as possible. Therefore, we explain how you can play FIFA 23 as early as possible.

Ways To Play FIFA Ultimate Team Early On

This year's Early Access is divided into the launch of the FUT Web App and Companion App, as well as the FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition and EA Play Trial. Just click through the apps to find further information. You get off to the best possible start if you are active in the FUT Web App from day one.



September 21FUT Web App
September 22FUT Companion App
September 27Ultimate Edition (pre-order)
September 27EA Play Trial

You could also test the new game via a closed beta and a FIFA 23 demo that is not accessible to everyone. But you had to contact EA well in advance and request access – and only very few got one. So you can't rely on that.

FIFA 23 EA Play Trial Release And Start Time

The testing phase for FIFA 23 starts on September 27. We expect the 10-hour trial period to unlock at around 6:00 p.m. Early Access is available on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. If you purchase the game afterwards, your progress will carry over.

If you're really smart, you can subscribe to EA Play for only one month to play FIFA 23 before all other non-members. Then the whole thing will only cost you $0.99 – but don't forget to cancel the subscription after your 10 hours are over.

When you start the game, you will see a timer that counts down as long as you are online. So make sure that you always close the game completely during the test phase, otherwise your time will just tick off.

How to get the FIFA 23 Early Access / EA Play Trial:

  1. Go to EA Play
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions and subscribe to the service
  3. Go to your console's store and search for "FIFA 23"
  4. Select one of the editions and then 'Trial'.

The best way to get started is to jump straight into Squad Battles (unless you've built a massive team in the web app and want to compete online right away) and play as much as you can. Use the time and don't get stuck in the menu, that's what the companion apps are for. Try FIFA 23 yourself and decide if you want to buy it.

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