FIFA 23 Early Access: FUT Web App, Beta & EA Play Trial

The release of FIFA 23 is getting closer and closer. When can we expect Early Access?
FIFA 23 Early Access
How can you play FIFA 23 before the official release? | © EA / EG

We know what it's like. Every year you want to be one of the first gamers to play the new FIFA. And since FIFA 23 will be the last of its kind, the rush for Early Access will be huge. From 2024, Electronic Arts will call the former FIFA "EA Sports FC". So, to help you enjoy the last FIFA game ever, we've prepared this article about the FIFA 23 Early Access, the FIFA 23 Web App, the FIFA 23 Closed Beta, EA Play Trial and FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition.

Of course, this is all future stuff. To bring you back to the here and now, be sure to check out the Team of the Season. The Italian Serie A is just around the corner, and we already know a few of the leaked players. Don't forget to check out the latest SBC's too!

FIFA 23 Early Access

EA hasn't provided us with an official roadmap yet, but you know how FIFA works... Leaks are making their way through day by day. Often these leaks are to be trusted, (although we can't guarantee that of course), and many of them are discussing the possible routes through which players can secure themselves an early access spot:

  • FIFA 23 Closed Beta
  • EA Play Trial
  • EA Playtester
  • FIFA 23 Web App / Companion App
  • FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition

So let's break these down and see how we can get into FIFA 23 early.

FIFA 23 Closed Beta

To be a part of FIFA 23's closed beta you need to register directly on EA's website. But don't get too excited, because access to the beta will only be opened for a few selected players. And we have to be honest with you here, it's REALLY difficult to get the appropriate code. Plus, if selected, the lucky few will have to give EA detailed feedback about FIFA 23. Also, you will need to sign a quite strict NDA to be a part of the closed beta testing.

How to apply for the FIFA 23 closed beta:
  1. Log in to your EA account
  2. Sign in and accept the terms & conditions
  3. Go to 'Email Preferences', check the box 'Yes, email me about products(...)' and click the 'Update' button
  4. Click on the 'Community Playtesting' button and follow the instructions to sign up
  5. Check the email associated with your EA account to see if you've been invite

The FIFA 23 Closed Beta is expected to start on August 18, 2022.

FIFA 23 EA Play Trial (EA Access)

All FIFA addicts get the chance to play FIFA 23 Ultimate Team for ten hours about one week before the official release of the Ultimate Edition through EA Play Trials, which used to be called EA Access. You have to be subscribed to EA Play. If you are really clever you can subscribe to EA Play only for this month to play FIFA 23 before all other non-members. In the game you will see a timer that will run down as long as you are online. So, make sure you close the trial completely when not playing or the time will just tick down.

In the EA Play Trial you can do whatever you want in the ten hours. You can load up FIFA Points, get packs, buy players and play matches. But please don't be surprised if you get slapped up hard, because EA Play Trial is mostly used by eSport players or content creators who are good at what they do.

How to get the FIFA 23 Early Access / EA Play Trial:

  1. Go to the EA Play page
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions to subscribe to one of the plans
  3. Go to your console's store and search for "FIFA 23".
  4. Select one of the editions and then 'Trial'.

The release date for the FIFA 23 Early Access / FIFA 23 EA Play Trial is September 21, 2022.

FIFA 23 Web App / Companion App

The FIFA Web App or Companion App has been the best and most popular trading method for starting a new FIFA game for years. Usually the Web App is unlocked one day before the Companion App. The FIFA 23 Web App can probably be used from 21 September 2021, while the FIFA 23 Companion App can be downloaded from September 22, 2022.

The Web App was developed for the computer and the Companion App for the smartphone. In both apps you can do everything that is also possible on the console. The only thing that is not possible is playing against other opponents or the AI. In other words, you can draw packs, buy and sell players on the transfer market and build up your team. If you want to have a good FUT team by the official release of the full version, you can start trading via the app. We explained in this article how exactly that happens.

FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition

The FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition is the most expensive version of the game available on the market. With the purchase of the Ultimate Edition, however, you have some advantages, such as early access. You can play the game four days ahead of everyone else if you buy the Ultimate Edition. There are also pre-order packs for Ultimate Team and various other bonuses. You probably knew this beforehand, but the benefits have to be bought at a high price. The Ultimate Edition will be about 30-40% more expensive than the Standard Edition. The sweaty ones among you don't care, hmm?

Playtester for Electronic Arts

This probably isn't an option for most of you, but it's worth mentioning. If you become a playtester for EA, then you'll get your hands on FIFA 23 sometime during the summer. Of course, you have to be qualified, and you have to give EA a lot of feedback. Here is the playtesting sign up page.

Now you know how to play FIFA 23 before all other gamers. Which variant will you choose? We would go with the EA Play Trial and the Web App Trading.