When Will Preorders For FIFA 23 Start?

FIFA 23 will be released again this year in autumn. But when can you preorder? Which bonuses can you get? And how much will FIFA 23 cost? We summarize everything about FIFA preordering for you.
FIFA 23 Pre Order
Preorder FIFA 23: Make it or break it? | © EA Sports / EarlyGame

Well, of course we'll all be getting FIFA again this year. After all, FIFA 23 will be EA's last FIFA, so we'll have to get our hands on it. The official release date is not known yet - but of course, we are eager to preorder FIFA 23. Therefore, we will provide you with all relevant news about FIFA 23's preorder.

If you want to get further information about FIFA 23: Here we have summarized everything important.

Should I Preorder FIFA 23?

The preorder is worthwhile for all who want to start with FIFA Ultimate Team right at the beginning. Of course, we start with the question if it is worth it at all. What are the advantages of preordering FIFA?

FIFA 23: What Do I Get When I Preorder?

Depending on the version, there are different bonuses for you. If you preorder the standard edition of FIFA 23, you will get the following advantages:

  • TOTW Player (FUT)
  • Star Player on Loan (FUT – FIFA 22 came with Mbappé)
  • FUT Ambassador Loan Player (FUT – The Ambassadors are stars that EA uses to promote the FUT mode)
  • Career Mode Homegrown (Career)

These "goodies" were available in FIFA 22. We assume that the bonuses for FIFA 23 will be similar or the same. In the Ultimate-Edition, there will be more bonuses. The Standard Edition provides you with the above-mentioned stuff, so it's worthwhile for FUT-players. You also get the homegrown through normal talent promotion.

If you want to be immersed in FUT from day one, then the Ultimate Edition is even more worthwhile. But it is also more expensive. In FIFA 22, there were the following Ultimate bonuses on top:

  • Preorder access (preorders get FIFA 23 four days earlier than others).
  • Ones to Watch card
  • 4600 FIFA Points

Here you can see as well: Only those who play FUT should preorder. For all others, a preorder of FIFA 23 is not worthwhile.

Where Can I Preorder FIFA 23?

There are several ways to preorder FIFA 23. Of course, you can preorder on the internet. On the EA website, you will see all platforms and versions. You will also find it on relevant sites like Amazon, Ebay or other online shops.

You will also be able to preorder FIFA 23 in the classic shops of your choice. Gamestop already had FIFA 23 in their assortment...

Additionally, FIFA 23 will be available as download version for PlayStation and Xbox. You just have to keep an eye on the offer of your console, and you can preorder FIFA 23 directly in the console store.

When Can I Preorder FIFA 23?

The release date of FIFA 23 is not official yet, but the new part should be released around September 30, 2022. FIFA 22 was available for preorder from July 11.

We will keep you up to date when EA drops the official date – we just know for sure, that preorders won't be available before July 14.

How Much Does FIFA 23 Cost?

The price differs depending on the edition. We have listed the different bonuses above. The prices are based on the prices of the last years. On PS4 and Xbox One, FIFA 23 should also be cheaper than on the next-gen consoles.

FIFA 23 EditionPrice in Euros
Standard Editionapprox. 69,99 - 79,99
Ultimate Editionapprox. 99,99

We hope you're now in the know about preordering FIFA 23. As we said, EA's offer is aimed more at FUT sweaty people looking for the grind from day 1. If you just want to play a bit of FIFA over the year, then wait until you can get it cheaper.