FIFA 23 Switch Version Will Suck – Again

The new FIFA will be released on September 30, 2022. Again, the Legacy Edition – the FIFA 23 version for the Nintendo Switch – will be by far the worst edition you can buy. We tell and show you why.

FIFA 23 Switch Legacy Edition
Why you should not buy the FIFA 23 Switch version. | © EA Sports

Sorry to all the Nintendo console lovers and owners out there, but FIFA just isn't your game. Although, that's not true. We certainly remember the times when FIFA for the Game Boy was the absolute nicest thing you could own. What happened to the versions for the Nintendo consoles...

There will be a Legacy Edition from EA for the upcoming FIFA 23 once again. Awesome name for the Switch editions – but the content will disappoint all players.

FIFA 23 Switch Version Is Just Another Ridiculous Update

Because even the most important information about the Legacy Edition does not suggest anything good. For about 40 bucks, you get a game that has not been significantly developed since FIFA 19. So in FIFA 23, you get no new gameplay, no women's clubs, no graphic upgrades like Hypermotion 2, no long-awaited cross-play – well, no other console or PC can play with this Stone Age version anyway. That would be ridiculous. Speaking of ridiculous things: the following description can be found in the Nintendo Store for FIFA 23:

FIFA 23 Legacy Edition will feature the same Gameplay features and modes from FIFA 22 Legacy Edition without any new development or significant enhancements. FIFA 23 Legacy Edition features the latest kits, clubs, and squads from some of the top leagues of the world.

While half the world says, "FIFA is the same game every year", EA writes exactly this description about the Switch version as a reason to buy it (?) – sorry, but how can this lame update cost 40 bucks every year? The new jerseys and the transfers are included, the graphics are tweaked a bit and commentator quotes are added – but that's it.

FIFA 23 Switch
FIFA 23 on the Switch will look very similar to FIFA 22. | © EA Sports

FIFA 23 Gets Own FUT Transfer Market On Switch

It is not big news, but hey: FIFA Ultimate Team can be played on the Switch. The Nintendo FUT players even get their own transfer market and then have their own ecosystem. So, Switch players should always check out their own prices for the cards.

Is there anything else positive to report? The thing is that FIFA is still the best football simulation for the Switch – even if it sucks hard compared to other versions for different platforms. So if you want to play football on the Switch, you can spend the $40 (or at best wait until it gets cheaper). At least, there is the legend Mario on the Nintendo console, and he has a football game. But it's a quick arcade fun game and not a serious football game.

In case you have no idea why we hate on the Switch version so badly... well. Just watch the video: