FIFA 23 Pace-Meta: How To Make Your Players Lengthy

In FIFA 23 the new feature AcceleRATE was introduced. With this, the running styles of players were defined. What this whole thing really is, why pace isn't the most important stat anymore, and how you can change your player's running style to "Lengthy", is described here. Essential for your success in FUT!

FIFA 23 Accele RATE Spieler schneller machen FUT
We show you how you can improve your player's pace and what really AcceleRATE is in FIFA 23. | © EA Sports / EarlyGame

EA Sports has installed a new pace system in FIFA 23. Yes, you've read correctly. Pace isn't everything anymore. The players are divided into different styles of running – and that's really cool. We show you what's really behind that and how you can perfectly use it for yourself to get the best rewards in the Weekend League.

What Is AcceleRATE In FIFA 23?

In total, in FIFA 23 – apart from the well-known pace stat – there are three new sprint types for all players. It is differentiated between "Explosive", "Lengthy" and "Controlled". While Explosive supports the smaller, more agile players, who are especially quick on the first few meters, Lengthy is the exact opposite. Lengthy is the style for bigger and taller pros, who start off slower and reach their full speed at the end of their sprint. Most players have the controlled style, which accelerates more evenly.

The idea behind that is that defenders are often categorized as Lengthy, so they can catch up to explosive strikers after the first meters. This feature is next gen exclusive, which means you don't feel any of it on your PS4 and Xbox One consoles.

Lengthy players fit these requirements:

  • Strength >/= 65
  • Difference between strength & agility >/= 14
  • Acceleration >/= 55
  • Height >/= 5'7"

The crazy thing about this system isn't really the difference between the players, but really that lengthy players are simply OP. They are more agile than others and reach an insane end speed. And just like that, you can easily run through with your strikers in FIFA 23... And the craziest thing is: You can upgrade many players to lengthy!

That's How You Can Make Your Players Lengthy

Why are Erling Haaland, Karim Benzema and Cristiano Ronaldo suddenly quicker than Ousmane Dembélé? Most importantly, you have to understand the system behind the lengthy sprint. In general, we can say: high pace stats aren't really deciding the in-game speed anymore. Tall and big players like the ones just mentioned become faster with the Lengthy sprint type and reach full speed only after a few meters. Additionally, they will also become more agile than their stats suggest.

With the right chem styles, you can change the running styles. And CR7 turns from "barely good enough to play" to a meta weapon in your attack. On futbin you can test different chem styles on every player. It's important to boost the players' physicality. They'll get a boost on their strength, and the difference between strength and agility increases to at least 14 points.

While Architect is the missing puzzle piece for many players, there are also players who can be pushed with Hawk, Sniper or Anchor. You can simply play around with the chem styles on futbin, there are all options for every player. It's important that the running style below the card changes to Lengthy. And even more important than these players is that you play with the best formations in FIFA 23!

FIFA 23 Lengthy Architekt FUT
Anchor, Architect or even Hawk can push physicality – and can change players to lengthy. | © EA Sports / EarlyGame

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