FIFA 23: Sergio Ramos Gets Crazy New Flashback SBC During TOTY!

EA Sports has released a Flashback SBC featuring Sergio Ramos during the 2023 TOTY! We'll show you what the Spaniard's new card looks like, what you have to exchange to get him and how expensive the challenge is.

Flashback Sergio Ramos SBC FIFA 23
Flashback Sergio Ramos: Collect red cards in FIFA 23! | © EA / EarlyGame

The MOST EXCITING time of the FUT year has finally begun! The TOTY in FIFA 23 is live and just brings so damn much new content into the game. New icons, objectives, packs and of course SBCs make these weeks in Ultimate Team better than any other event. Leaks even mention daily challenges, so we have something to look forward to every time we log into FUT.

Sergio Ramos is the star of this new Flashback SBC. In the past, the Spaniard was a safe bet for the Team of the Year – while he's not in it this year, at least he gets another decent special card. To be honest with you, guys: The SBC is quite expensive, but it's Sergio Ramos.

FIFA 23: Ramos Flashback SBC – Release Date & Info

Simultaneously with the release of TOTY attackers (Kylian Mbappé, Lionel Messi and Karim Benzema) on January 20, 2023, Sergio Ramos went live in Ultimate Team. However, we already knew that the PSG central defender would get his own Squad Building Challenge a few days before – thanks, leakers.

Why did we mention Messi and Mbappé in this context? Well, Ramos links really well to his Paris Saint-Germain teammates. The card definitely has the potential to become one of the best CBs in FIFA 23. Just push the tempo with a chemistry style and that should be fine.

Flashback Sergio Ramos can be completed until February 20, 2023.

Flashback Ramos Stats

Ramos' gold card lacks a lot of pace to be considered a meta central defender. At least his flashback version improves upon his base stats – although the card could've been a little stronger. As many FIFA 23 events as there are, we would have liked a 93 OVR, for example.

Weak Foot3*
Skill Moves3*
Pricemore than 550,000 coins

What's also worth mentioning: Flashback Sergio Ramos is lengthy by nature. Anyone still cares? No? OK. But maybe his body type – with his Unique player model, he should at least be smooth to control.

FIFA 23 Flashback Ramos Stats
Flashback Sergio Ramos' in-game stats. | © FUTBIN

Flashback Ramos SBC Price & Requirements

We already mentioned it at the beginning of the article: The SBC does not exactly go down in the history books as cheap. You need to spend well over 500,000 coins to secure Sergio Ramos for your club. A total of four teams are required... the biggest problem will probably be to reach the respective ratings of 85, 96, 87 and 88.

FIFA 23 Flashback Ramos SBC Reqs
EA once again drains our accounts dry... will you complete him? | © FUTBIN

Maybe you've prepared yourself quite well for Team of the Year – thanks to all the packs you've saved up, you'll definitely have a lot of SBC fodder in your club by now. If that's the case, the SBC price might decrease just enough for you to go for it.

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