FIFA 23 Marquee Matchups SBCs – Cheapest Solutions

May 25 Update: Marquee Matchups SBCs are coming on a weekly basis in FIFA 23. We show you the best Marque Matchups [XP] solutions and how to complete them as cheap as possible.

FIFA 23 Marquee Matchups Header
All you need to know about Marquee Matchups in FIFA 23. | © EarlyGame

The Marquee Matchups SBCs in FIFA 23. Very important for your success in FUT.

Even if the rewards (packs) really sometimes suck, you should complete the Marquee Matchups SBC on a regular basis. You'll get a few extra coins, and even bad packs could potentially contain amazing players from the current event in FIFA 23.

We'll show you the latest Marquee Matchup [XP] SBC requirements and cheap solutions, so you can use all your brain power for other essential stuff.

FIFA 23 Marquee Matchups SBC: Release Date & How To Complete

You'll always find a new Marquee Matchups SBC if you log into FUT on Thursday at 6 pm GMT. You have to complete four SBCs in total to complete the Matchup SBC and collect all the rewards. Don't stop at three, otherwise you miss out on the extra reward on top.

The challenges will be live for exactly one week – until a new one gets released – so you have enough time to build the required squads.

New Marquee Matchup [XP] Rewards

You should complete the Marquee Matchups every week, as you can get rid of fodder – and get packs and XP in return.




AZ Alkmaar vs. PSV Eindhoven

2.7-6KJumbo Gold Pack

Everton FC vs. AFC Bournemouth


Premium Electrum Players Pack

Borussia Dortmund vs. FSV Mainz 05


Small Prime Gold Players Pack

Juventus vs. AC Milan11.4K-12.9KPrime Electrum Players Pack
Completed Challenge23K-28.5K

Mega Pack

Marquee Matchup [XP] SBC: Cheapest Solutions

We guide you through all four SBCs every week.

AZ Alkmaar vs. PSV Eindhoven: Solution

Alkmaar PSV SBC Solutions
Marquee Matchups: Alkmaar v PSV SBC solution in FIFA 23 | © futbin

SBC Requirements

  • Players from Eredivisie: Min. 1
  • Leagues: Min. 3
  • Same Club Count: Max. 5
  • Squad Rating: Min. 74
  • Squad Chemistry: Min. 14

Everton vs. Bournemouth: Solution

Everton Bournemouth SBC Solutions
Marquee Matchups: Everton v Bournemouth SBC solution in FIFA 23 | © futbin

SBC Requirements

  • Leagues: Max. 5
  • Nationalities: Min. 4
  • Same Club Count: Min. 2
  • Squad Rating: Min. 76
  • Squad Chemistry: Min. 18

Borussia Dortmund vs. FSV Mainz: Solution

Dortmund Mainz SBC Solutions
Marquee Matchups: Dortmund v Mainz SBC solution in FIFA 23 | © futbin

SBC Requirements

  • Players from Dortmund or Mainz: Min. 1
  • Players from Bundesliga: Min. 1
  • Same Nation Count: Max. 4
  • Rare: Min. 2
  • Squad Rating: Min. 78
  • Squad Chemistry: Min. 22

Juventus vs. AC Milan: Solution

Juventus Milan SBC Solutions
Marquee Matchups: Juventus v Milan SBC solution in FIFA 23 | © futbin

SBC Requirements

  • Players from Juventus: Min. 1
  • Players from AC Milan: Min. 1
  • Leagues: Max. 3
  • Rare: Min. 3
  • Squad Rating: Min. 80
  • Squad Chemistry: Min. 26

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