FIFA 23: FUT Packs – Explained | All Packs, Prices & Content

In FIFA 23, there are now numerous packs that can be purchased or earned through gameplay. But what exactly do we get in FUT 23 packs? And how much do they cost? In this article, we will explain the Ultimate Team shop.

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Let's take a look at the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team packs. | EarlyGame

The packs in FIFA Ultimate Team are very popular every year. Many YouTubers and streamers invest a lot of money to get the best players for their FUT. It's all about delivering in the Weekend League and showing strong performances on the virtual pitch.

But, you have to know how the packs work to understand whether it's worth buying them. Because there are some packs that are rip-offs, while others are definitely worth getting. And of course, we will also answer the question of whether FIFA Points are worth it and whether other modes such as FUT Draft may be better options over investing all your coins in the shop.

Items And Players FIFA 23 FUT Packs Explained

Let's start with the basics: In FUT Packs, you can get players and items. There are packs that consist exclusively of players, but there are also others where you get a mix of both.

It's important to note that Ultimate Team packs in FIFA 23 are a form of gambling, as players do not know what they will receive in a pack until they open it. This has led to controversy over the years, with some players accusing EA Sports, the game's developer, of promoting gambling to young players. In response, EA has implemented various measures to increase transparency and reduce the risks associated with Ultimate Team packs.

You can buy the packs in the FUT 23 shop with coins or points. However, you can also get very good packs in the Season Pass, by playing Division Rivals, the Weekend League, Squad Battles, or FUT Draft.

Important note: There is a difference between tradeable and untradeable packs. In Division Rivals, for example, at the end of a week, you can choose between untradeable packs (items cannot be sold) or tradeable packs (items can be sold). With the former, you always get a higher number of packs.

You can also exchange unusable players for packs in Squad Building Challenges. The weekly marquee matchups, for example, are an extremely popular feature where you can really reap the rewards.

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team: List Of All Packs In FUT

Here is the complete list of all packs, their names, prices, and contents that you can come across in FUT:


Price (Coins)

Price (Points)

Bronze Pack400-12 Items including 3-5 Players (1 rare)
Prime Bronze Pack750-12 Items including 3-6 Players (3 rare)
Jumbo Bronze Pack800-24 Items including 0-9 Players (3 rare)
Bronze Players Pack1.250-12 Players (1 rare)
Jumbo Prime Bronze Pack1.5007524 Items including 5-9 Players (7 rare)
Prime Bronze Players Pack1.800-12 Items including 12 Players (3 rare)
Silver Pack2.5005012 Items including 3-9 Players (1 rare)

Consumables Pack

3.0005012 Items (1 rare)
Prime Silver Pack3.7507512 Items including 3-6 Players (3 rare)
Jumbo Silver Pack4.00010024 Items including 6-9 Players (3 rare)
Gold 13 Pack4.00010013 Items including 3-6 Players (1 rare)
Silver Players Pack5.00010012 Items including 12 Players (1 rare)
Gold Pack5.00010012 Items including 3-6 Players (1 rare)
Prime Silver Players Pack7.00015012 Players (3 rare)
Jumbo Prime Silver Pack7.50015024 Items including 5-11 Players (7 rare)
Prime Gold Pack7.50015012 Items including 3-5 Players (3 rare)
Prime Gold 13 Pack7.50015013 Items including 3-4 Players (3 rare)
Jumbo Gold Pack10.00020024 Items including 5-8 Players (3 rare)

Gold Players Pack

12.50025012 Players (1 rare)
Prime-Electrum-Players-Pack12.50025012 Players (6 Gold, 6 Silver) (3 rare)
81+ Rare 3 Pack15.0002503 Players (3 rare)
Silver Upgrade Pack15.000


12 Items including 11 Players (0 rare)
Jumbo Prime Gold Pack15.000


24 Items including 6-12 Players (7 rare)
Rare Consumables Pack20.00040012 Items (12 rare)
Prime-Electrum-Players-Pack20.00040012 Players (6 Gold, 6 Silver) (6 rare)
Prime Gold Players Pack25.00035012 Players (3 rare)
Rare Gold Pack25.00050012 Items including 3-4 Players (12 rare)
Gold Upgrade Pack30.0007512 Items including 11 Players (0 rare)
Rare Electrum Players Pack30.00060012 Players (6 Gold, 6 Silver) (12 rare)
Mega Pack35.00070030 Items including 9-12 Players (18 rare)
Prime Gold Players Pack45.00060012 Items including 12 Players (6 rare)
82+ Rare 5 Pack50.0001.0005 Items including 2 Players (5 rare)
Jumbo Prime Gold Players Pack50.00070024 Items including 24 Players (7 rare)
Rare Players Pack50.0001,00012 Players (12 rare)
Rare Players Plus Pack50.0001,00012 Players (12 rare)
Rare Mega Pack55.0001,10030 Items including 9-12 Players (30 rare)
Jumbo Rare Players Pack100.0002,000

24 Players (24 rare)

Ultimate Pack125.0002,50030 Players (30 rare)

FIFA 23: Special Packs In The FUT Shop

In the table above, we have only listed the "regular" packs that are available in the shop and as rewards throughout the season. EA regularly releases special packs with unique prices and contents, which usually tie in with the current FUT promotion.

It's important to note that there are other special packs available during the TOTS period. The Premier League Premium Player Pack (55k) for example (available for each of the top 5 leagues) would be a great catch to hope for Team of the Season players.

There, you can get the best players of the year from the Bundesliga, Premier League, Ligue 1, LaLiga, and Serie A. The same goes for the respective positions, which are then called Prime Gold Defender Pack (55k), for example.

So if you keep track of when each Team of the Season is released, you have a good chance of pulling outstanding players with the packs mentioned above. You can find all the information about Team of the Season on our website.

Investing FIFA Points In Packs: Always A Risk

It is mainly the Jumbo Rare Players Pack and Ultimate Pack (100k and 125k) that promise the best chance of getting top cards in Ultimate Team. However, it always depends on how many points you have available to spend.

If you only have 1,500 FIFA Points, they can quickly disappear after purchasing a 100k pack. In this case, it might be better to invest your points in FUT Draft, where you can potentially get better packs for fewer points if you perform well.

The ultimate question in FUT: Is it worth opening your wallet and investing points into your account? There are arguments for and against it. We have summarized this for you in detail in our FIFA 23 Points article.

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