FIFA 23 FUT Draft: Rewards And Guide

FUT Draft is one of the more popular modes in FIFA 23. Build teams, test the best players and of course awesome rewards – that's what most FIFA players associate with the mode. We'll tell you what rewards are waiting for you, how you get the needed wins, and what you have to watch out for.

FIFA 23 FUT Draft Rewards Guide
FIFA 23 FUT Draft: rewards and how the mode works – everything you need to know. | © EA Sports / EarlyGame

FUT Draft is an extremely important mode, especially at the start of a FIFA year. You get strong players for your team and can try them – and in the best case you get so many victories that you get awesome rewards. But that doesn't happen by itself, which is why we're giving you a few tips on how to do as well as possible.

FIFA 23 FUT Draft Explained

FUT Draft is a mode in Ultimate Team that you can enter for 15k coins or 300 FIFA Points. Each round has a maximum of four games, the more wins you get, the better the rewards. Once you lose a game, you're eliminated from the mode. After paying the 15k, you need to build your team first. Here, you get 5 players to choose from for each position (and subs), from which you always have to select one. You do this until your team is filled. The nice thing is that you can get some really outstanding players and can play with new FUT Heroes, for example.

It is very important that you pay attention to your selected line-up, because players in FIFA 23 do not get any chemistry if they are in the wrong positions. We'll get to that more detailed further down below.

Once you have built your team, you can start the matches. If you get no wins or only one or two wins, chances are you will lose coins. From three wins onward, your chances of good rewards increase – but four wins would be perfect. If you are new to FIFA 23 or FUT in general, you should rather choose the offline Draft. Here you can adjust the difficulty as you wish. The thing is, of course, the rewards are significantly worse in comparison to the online Draft. So think twice if you really want to spend 15k on offline matches.

FIFA 23 FUT Draft
Best case would be if your drafted team looks like this – but it can be way worse. | © EA Sports / @jotikaaaa18 via Twitter

Draft Rewards

The most important thing in FUT Draft is that you can assess yourself well. Have you competed in FUT for years? Then invest the coins or points and get your (probably) awesome rewards. Especially at the beginning of the FUT season, it's all about getting as many coins as possible. If you lose immediately after one win or, in the worst case, are eliminated in game 1, it wasn't worth it.

The rewards CAN be incredible. Various gold packs, premium packs or even jumbo packs are waiting for you. The thing is, we all know that packs don't have to include one of the mega stars you really want to pull. As we mentioned: only those who get three or four wins can hope for good rewards.

How To Get 4 Wins

That's where our tips come into play. Always choose a good meta formation or a lineup you're familiar with. The new chemistry system is also a decisive factor. The more chemistry you build up, the better your players will perform. So, don't just blindly choose Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo if you don't have any PSG, Manchester United or Argentina or Portugal stars in your squad already. If you don't get good chemistry in the first 11 picks, stay calm. The bench and the reserve players can also help you.

Once you start playing, it will get really sweaty real fast. By match 3 at the latest, the fun is completely over and everyone is fighting by all means to get into game 4 (and everything is allowed in the final anyway). So if you're up 1-0 or 2-1, and it's going into the final minutes, don't try to score another goal no matter what.

NO, we're not saying that after your first goal you should only stay in defense and play the ball back and forth between your defenders... but on the other hand, only wins count in drafts... and that's where our criticism starts.

These Big Problems Are Making Drafts Unattractive

FUT Draft has been around since FIFA 16 – and it hasn't really evolved. With a lot of luck you will get a FUT Draft Token if you are eliminated directly, otherwise you will get a mix of bad gold and silver packs. It's getting very frustrating when your opponent scores his first goal after 10 minutes and then just passes the ball back to his goalie... but we just said it: in Drafts, only wins count.

On top comes the absence of the new positioning cards. As already mentioned, in FIFA 23 it is extremely important to put the players in the right positions. For example, if you draft a Messi or a Ronaldo, both can only be used in their main position. Messi remains RW (although he could also play RM) and CR7 remains ST (although he could also play as CF). That's just stupid, EA. We've already played some matches, chose a 4-3-3 and not one single captain fit into a position. Lame.

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