This FIFA 23 Squad Battles Glitch Will Save You Hours

In the FIFA Squad Battles mode, you can compete offline against randomly selected teams of other FUT players and complete all sorts of tasks. We found a glitch, so you can save your time in the process!

FIFA 23 Squad Battles Glitch
This Squad Battles Glitch is crazy! | © EarlyGame / EA Sports

Especially for the new World Cup Swaps, you have to complete some Squad Battles tasks. The rewards with all the World Cup Stars simply look sexy. To avoid having to play boring games against semi-professionals for hours and hours, there is now a glitch. We'll show you how it works!

Here's everything you need for the Glitch on PS5:

How To Save Time In FIFA 23 Squad Battles

When you're sitting on a task for Squad Battles, and you're already leading 3:0, you don't have to play pointlessly until the 90 minutes are over. With this glitch, you can just put your controller away and use the time for more important things!

Squad Battles Glitch: The Instruction

With this glitch, your player will consistently shield the ball from his opponents, and you can focus on the more important things in life - like planning your next team for Black Friday. And this is what you have to do for it:

Step 1: Complete the tasks for the game. Score a goal, for example.

Step 2: Take the ball with a player who has a strength stat of at least 75.

Step 3: Run to the sidelines, close to the penalty area. You can see the exact spot in the video below!

Step 4: Hold the R2 button or LT until the opponent makes contact with you.

Step 5: Put your controller away and enjoy the free time!

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