FIFA 23: The Best Lengthy Icons

Almost every player can afford an Icon in FIFA 23 relatively soon after release. In this article, we'll show you the best FIFA 23 Icons that are lengthy. They are unreal, honestly.

FIFA 23 lengthy icons
These are the best lengthy Icons in FIFA 23! | © EA / EG

Icons are really under the radar in FIFA 23, although there are really good and cheap legends. Many people probably don't know which Icons can be changed to be lengthy – and that's exactly what we will show you today. Here are the best lengthy Icons.

You probably remember the Icon SBC we got early this year. While some of you packed something nice, I packed Fernando Hierro, meh.... But at least he is also lengthy and therefore playable. In case you don't know: lengthy is one of the three running style of players. And it is much better than explosive or controlled, since your players become very fast once they've run for a little while.

FIFA 23: The Best Lengthy Icons

That's why everyone tries to build their FUT team with lengthy players. In fact, you can change the AcceleRATE type of a player with a fitting chemistry style, and therefore create much better players in FIFA 23.

The Best Lengthy Icons In Defense

Every Icon has three different versions, some of them even get another special WC version. We always show you the better version of the player. So you can buy the following icons without hesitation and put them into your team:

Sol CampbellCB85Shadow237.000
CafúRB, RWB90Anchor948.000
Marcel DesaillyCDM, CB88Shadow469.000
Nemanja VidićCB85Shadow138.000
Paolo MaldiniCB, LB92Shadow960.000
Rio FerdinandCB85Shadow325.000
Lothar MatthäusCDM, CB, RM91Architect


Frank RijkaardCB, CDM88Shadow212.000
Gianluca ZambrottaRWB, RB, LB, RM86Architect440.000
Carles PuyolCB, RB90Shadow280.000
Carlos AlbertoRB, CB87Anchor330.000
Emmanuel PetitCDM, CB, LB

We have some real cracks here! Sol Campbell and Rio Ferdinand were of course also the go-to Icons in past FIFA games, but with the new AcceleRATE, we can play completely different names now, this is so awesome.

Carlos Alberto gets lengthy with the Anchor chem style, making him a brutally good CB. Maldini is already lengthy by design and one of the best defenders in the game. Matthäus is the most expensive player on the list here, but his card also just has killer all-round stats.

The Best Lengthy Icons In Midfield

Lengthy is also an advantage in midfield, especially one of your sixes or eights should have this acceleration to run down the opponent even before the defense. Patrick Vieira or Michael Essien are, of course, the definition of lengthy here, but see for yourself what other interesting Icons can be changed to lengthy... some you wouldn't even expect!

Claude MakéléléCDM, RM, CM
Michael EssienCDM, CM
Steven GerrardCM, CDM
Patrick VieiraCM, CDM
Michael BallackCM, CAM


Roy KeaneCM88Shadow155.000
Juan Sebastián VerónCM, CAM


Ruud GullitCM, CB, ST
Clarence SeedorfCM, CAM


Zinedine ZidaneCAM, CM, LM



That takes us directly into completely different price segments. Jesus Christ is Gullit expensive, but also insanely good. What did the man actually do in the past that he played centre-back, midfielder and striker in one era? Must have been a good all-rounder.... But Gullit is worth every penny too, honestly. You just bounce off him if you want to tackle him, and once he gets up to speed, there's no stopping him either.

If you don't have that many coins in your account, you can try Keane or Makélélé, they are also really strong! Icons simply play differently than "normal" cards, they have that certain something that lets them solve situations that a gold card could not have solved. But due to the new chemistry system, the Icons in FIFA 23 have been really bumped. Essien, for example, is a real breaker, but how are you going to link Ghana? Essien plays on three chemistry, that's clear, but he doesn't help anyone else there with chemistry. It's a bit of a shame, but ingame the cards are great.

The Best Lengthy Icons In Offense

Good Icons in attack are expensive. Really expensive. But also a real game changer, you better believe it. Baby Didier Drogba alone is a real animal, he's incredibly good. Unfortunately, his finishing was a bit inconsistent now and then, but maybe that was also down to us.

Alan Shearer could theoretically also have lengthy, but we can't do anything at all with 2 Star Skills and 3 Star Weak Foot player. We only show you the best lengthy Icons for your offense in Ultimate Team.

Éric CantonaCF, ST
David TrezeguetST, CF
Didier DrogbaST, CF
Andriy ShevchenkoST, CF, RW
John BarnesLW, LM, CAM


Miroslav KloseST, CF

There really aren't many good Icons for your offense who have the lengthy AcceleRATE type. Éric Cantona stands out here, of course, the United legend convinces with 85 speed, 5 star skills and 4 star weak foot. A little more than 2.4 million coins is a statement, but you can also try out his baby version for half the price.

Otherwise, we've got some pretty good value strikers in this list. If you set up the lengthy Icons with a mobile striker partner, it's really hard for the opponent to defend. And finally Miro Klose and David Trezeguet are playable too, and those cards are so much fun, honestly. Just buy Klose, put a Marksman on him and play a few games, it's really fun.

We want to see other strikers than CR7 or Haaland, so be a bit creative and play with Klose, Drogba and Co.