FIFA 23 TOTY 12th Man: Haaland Wins Voting

The FIFA 23 Team of the Year is finally here! But one player is still missing – exactly, the 12th man! We can vote, and it looks like Erling Haaland will be an incredible TOTY member.

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The Team of the Year in FIFA 23 is live – but one candidate is still missing. The 12th man! But what is that actually? As in previous years, the fans again have the chance to vote for the 12th man. The choosen player will then be added to the TOTY.

But not only do we get that, the TOTY Icons are also in FUT for the first time ever. You can find out which legends are included and everything you need to know about them here:

FIFA 23 TOTY: 12th Man – The Nominees

Here are the three nominees for the 12th Man Award:

STErling Haaland

Manchester City


Federico Valverde

Real Madrid
LBJoão CanceloManchester City

We said right from the start that Erling Haaland will win this year. The guy is just on fire. Also, people always want strikers and Premier League players.

FUT Sheriff announced on Twitter that we will see the Norwegian soon. His stats are now declared as official. Only TOTY Mbappé would be a better player than him up front.

12th Man Voting – When And How To Vote

Voting takes place directly in FIFA Ultimate Team. You have the opportunity to choose your 12th Man from January 23rd onwards. The winner of the voting will then receive his TOTY card.

So just start your console or PC and pick your loan player. All TOTYs will be in the packs on January 27.

TOTY 12th Man voting
Choose your preferred loan player and vote for the 12th man in the FIFA 23 TOTY. | © EA Sports

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