The Best Skill Moves In FIFA 23

Skills have been part of the FIFA meta for years, and FIFA 23 is no exception. If you want to play at a high level, you should be able to perform the best skill moves.

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Ronaldinho is the best skiller in FIFA 23. | © EA / EG

Skills are essential to win games in FIFA 23. Whether it's a simple fake shot , a ball roll or an elastico: these skills are really op and a big part of the meta. If you don't adapt to the meta, you won't get far in Division Rivals or in the Weekend League. In this article we will show you the best skills in FIFA 23.

Of course you can also win in FIFA without any skills, the best example for this is the German content creator Tim Latka. The ex-professional of Schalke 04 only gets in front of the opponent's goal with passes, but only very few gamers have this overview and understanding of the game. With meta-skill moves you can make your life much easier.

FIFA 23: The Best Skill Moves

For the best skill moves you need the best skillers in FIFA 23. Pay attention to the star rating on the card. A player can have between 1-5 stars in skill moves. We need players with 5-star skills for the best skill moves. Since these players are rather rare in FUT, we have an overview of the best 5-star skillers here.

The Five Best Skill Moves In FIFA 23

There are many really good skill moves, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages in a certain situation. For this article we have limited ourselves to the five best skill moves that you absolutely have to know. Some really cool skills like the Rainbow Flick, Sombrero Flick or Hocus Pocus did not make it into the final selection.

Before you use the skills in an online game, you should practise them in the training arena. This will take a while until you have perfected all the skills. Patience is also required, it doesn't work from one moment to the next.

Rank 5: Fake Shot

The fake shot is probably the skill most used by everyone because it can be used in any situation and is easy to perform. Any player can perform this skill. You just have to press the cross or shoot button and then quickly press the pass button. On PlayStation it's circle/square + X, on Xbox it's X/B + A. We would recommend that you always use the cross button (square, X) for feinting, since it's easier to pull off.

With a fake shot, you can position yourself for a better goal finish, create space in midfield or fake out the goalkeeper. With L1/LB + fake shot you make a fake shot to stop, your player stops abruptly on the spot. On the one hand, the opponent continues to run, on the other hand, you can pass the ball on directly afterwards or perform a skill move directly for which you have to stand on the spot.

If a 5-star skiller makes a fake shot and the angle to the ball is right, he performs a scoop turn, i.e. an advanced variant of the fake shot. With 4-star skillers, you still have to hold down L2/LB, and the ball bounces a little further away than with 5-star skillers.

Rank 4: Elastico

The elastico was the most overpowered trick in FIFA 21/22. EA had to nerf the animation several times because you could simply spam the trick. The elastico is still really good because it allows quick changes of direction to the inside and outside without the opponent being able to get a foot in between.

To perform the Elastico, you need a 5-star skiller. On the controller, you simply have to turn the right stick once. Note the direction in which the player is running, because this also determines the direction in which you have to turn the stick. If you turn the stick to the left, the player does an inside elastico. If you turn the stick to the right, the player does an outside elastico. Both skills are awesome, but the outside elastico is a bit better.

Rank 3: Heel To Ball Roll

In 3rd place we have a new skill from FIFA 23: The heel to ball roll. This trick is by far the most effective new trick in FIFA 23. This skill move has the highest probability to successfully outplay the opponent's goalkeeper.

When you are in 1v1 with the keeper, you must hold L1/LB and flick the right stick in the direction of travel from left to right. If you do not press L1/LB, your player will perform a normal heel to heel. The heel to ball roll has an animation that throws the defender or goalkeeper off balance, even if you're contained in defence with L2 and R2. As soon as the opponent falls for this move, you can easily run past him.

Rank 2: Ball Roll Scoop Turn

This trick is probably the most annoying, because it simply initiates an insane change of direction, without the player losing speed. Also, all follow-up moves can be executed directly. At the same time, the defender can't react that quickly to this move at all, even if you anticipate the trick. For the ball roll scoop turn you need a 5-star skiller.

With the ball roll scoop turn, you can create several metres of space in the opponent's penalty area and pass the ball to a free team-mate. You should use the skill when you are running towards the goalline in the penalty area and want to pass the ball into the middle with a quick movement. The trick is really difficult to execute, you should practice it in the training arena beforehand.

With R2/RT you do a ball roll as usual, but immediately afterwards you have to flick the left stick in the desired direction in which the trick is to be performed. At the same time, you have to perform a fake shot, i.e. circle/square + X or X/B + A. Sounds complicated, and it is complicated. But practice makes perfect, and this skill cannot be defended in-game.

Rank 1: Step Over

The step over is the best skill move in FIFA 23. This may come as a surprise to some people because it sounds so simple. The step over provides a massive sprint boost, which allows every player to reach their top speed immediately. A small movement on the right stick is enough to outplay the opponent and run away. If the player doesn't have like only 70 pace, he won't be caught up by the opponent.

You have to flick the right stick in the running direction by a quarter so that the player performs a step over. And this really means only ONE step over. As soon as you step over the ball twice, you lose pace again.

You can use this skill in every situation on the pitch, that's why the step over is the best skill in FIFA 23. Every player with 2-star skills can do this trick. This pace boost is so strong and opens up so many spaces that you wouldn't be able to create without the step over. In the opponent's penalty area, you can even shoot the ball directly from the step over animation, the finishing is not affected by this.

But also with this quite simple trick the motto is: First go to the training arena and practise the skill until you can use it in game without any problems.

Which FIFA 23 op skill moves are you missing in our top 5? Feel free to write us in the comments!

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