FIFA 23 Guide: How To Get Started With SBCs in FUT!

Squad Building Challenges are an important feature for getting rich in FIFA. If you want a fancy team, sweet packs and sexy special cards, then you should complete SBCs.

FIFA 23 SBC Guide
Everything you need to know about SBCs in FIFA 23! | © EarlyGame

When SBCs got added to FUT, surely nobody expected them to have such a big impact on the game mode. It influences the transfer market, offers great deals and some big gambles. SBCs are surely addicting, and especially in the start of FIFA they're essential to build a decent starter team. But let's take a step back and look at the basics.

SBC Guide: What Are Squad Building Challenges?

In a Squad Building Challenge, you submit at least one team to get certain rewards. You will not get the players you put into that SBC back, and they will be permanently removed from your club. You can, however, just buy them again, if they're available on the market. The rewards vary from each SBC. Sometimes you get a certain player, sometimes a player pick, different packs or just some items like club badges or jerseys.

You should always pay close attention to what you have to submit for an SBC. Always look at the price you have to pay, and the rewards you get out of it. Some SBCs are no-brainers, because you literally can't lose coins, some are a gamble and could lose or win you some coins and some are just overpriced, and you shouldn't complete them. When you have to buy players, be sure to buy them for the cheapest price available and check out if there are different options that would match the requirements.

Another important note is that there are time-limited SBCs that expire after a few days and others that stay in the game permanently. This is shown on the SBC before you click on it.

Why Should You Complete SBCs?

SBCs sometimes offer great packs, great players, or are part of a big objective. You often find players getting a great card for a good price. Also, these players might not have a different special card that is nearly as good as the SBC, or it just has special boosts, like a skill move or weak foot upgrade. With FIFA getting older, you will see more and more cards even having different positions, so you are able to build different and better teams.

You always have to keep in mind whether this player can really help your FUT on the long or if it will just make a few appearances and will then be a reserve player or even get submitted in a different SBC. Player SBCs are always untradeable, so you can't get the coins you paid for it back.

This Helps You Complete SBCs

Consider keeping most players you pack in your club in case you can afford to do so. SBCs have a big influence on the market, and some players can rapidly increase in price if they're required in an SBC.

The best example are the Marquee Matchups. This SBC is released every Thursday and features the most interesting fixtures of the upcoming weekend. You usually have to submit at least one player of the team featured in one of the four SBCs, so the demand for these cards increases. This often results in a much higher price. By saving players in your club, you can complete SBCs more easily and even trade to gain coins.

If you want to know more about SBCs and stay updated, check out our FIFA section. You will find the cheapest solutions on the newest SBCs and everything you need to know to improve in FIFA on there!

The New Chemistry System

In FIFA 23 we get a completely new chemistry system which also has a huge impact in SBCs. Not every SBC in FIFA 22 required 11 players. That was no problem, because you could easily get the players in the squad on full chem anyway, which didn't make it too complicated. With FIFA 23 this will slightly change. It's obviously much harder to get single players on full chem if you have fewer players to link to him. EA Sports solves this problem by adjusting the SBC requirements. Similar to the last years, you will then have a requirement like "Minimum Chemistry: 20/33" in some SBCs.