FIFA 23: The Best FUT Team For The First Weekend League

In case you're looking for a team that will help you reach Rank 1 in the first Weekend League and will secure you some tasty FUT Champs rewards for the start of FIFA 23, you're in the right place!

FUT Champions Bestes Weekend League Team FIFA 23
The best team for your start in FUT Champs in FIFA 23. | © EA Sports / EarlyGame

We all start thinking about who will get us the best possible results in the first Weekend League even before the launch of the web app. Because of EA's huge fail, we now know most of the ratings and are able to build our teams.

FIFA 23: How To Get A Good Team For FUT Champs

The first step is certainly to think about what exactly you need in your squad. Your team shouldn't be that expensive, so you can afford it for the first Weekend League.

The players in your team should ideally fit the meta in the new FUT. Because we don't know the FIFA 23 meta yet, we have to predict what it will look like. From past FIFA games, we can say, that the meta itself doesn't really change that much. The meta will probably be fast and agile players, who in the best case also have 5* 5*.

Lastly, every player in the team should have full chemistry, so he gets an additional in-game boost. The new chemistry system is completely different from what we were used to, so the team we'll show you has 33/33 chemistry.

The Best Team For The First Weekend League

Let's get to the exciting part, you've been waiting for...

In goal, you have one of the best goalkeepers from the last years of Ultimate Team. I think that every one of us has lost all hopes because of him at least once.

Your center backs are amongst the best gold cards in the game and are probably also the most expensive players in this team. Both are fast and have good defense stats. You even have one left-footed and one right-footed CB, which helps you in your build up play.

Your full backs impress with their pace and will win the important runs offensively as well as defensively.

The midfield in your team is controlled by two all-rounders. You should already know them from FIFA 22 because both of them received incredibly strong special cards. In case you like to skill, you don't have to worry about anything because one of the two even has 5* skill moves.

On the wings, it continues with pace, just like it has started in the defense. In addition to that, both wingers are extremely strong dribblers and can destroy your opponent.

In the center of the offense, you have two Brazilians, who are both excellent at dribbling. Although they're not quite as fast as your wingers, they should comfortably beat defenders with their pace. Your CAM could even play as a striker, as he's extremely dangerous in front of goal. Your striker has been one of the most popular cards for the start of a new FUT for a couple of years now, and with these stats, he's a real weapon.

Now, enough with the secrets. Just look at the team yourself.

FIFA 23 WL Hybrid
This is the perfect hybrid team for the first Weekend League in FIFA 23! | © EarlyGame / EA Sports