FIFA 23: Best Hybrid Team

This is the best FIFA 23 hybrid squad you can build out of gold cards. All of these players are on full chem and if you can somehow afford it, you're going to have a lot of fun annoying your opponents in the Weekend League.

Best Hybrid TN
The best hybrid squad you will find in FIFA 23 | © EarlyGame / EA Sports

Let's face it, only a few of us are going to be able to afford this squad early on in FUT. But there are always these few guys who have the best pack luck already on the web app and will have a great team in the first Weekend League.

The Best Hybrid Team In FUT 23

What really makes this the best team in FUT? You have to hit the meta in order to have the most fun and the best results in-game. And this team does exactly this. To get this team on the pitch, you have to use a few position changes, and you're good to go.

You have a great keeper who will save your ass in case your opponent manages to somehow break through your quick and physically strong defense.

Your pacy and agile full backs will help you start off your attacks and can feed their teammates with passes.

The midfield is strong and will support your defenders and GK to keep the clean sheet.

And then there is the offensive of your squad. No matter who you're looking at, they're all similar. They're all unbelievably good. Your wingers are incredibly fast and belong to the best dribblers on this planet. They can supply your striker with great passes or crosses and can even go for the finish themselves.

If your wingers are somehow not working well, and you can't bring the ball to your striker through them, don't worry, just give the ball to your CAM. He is also one of the best dribblers and can feed your striker with deadly through balls. He has 5* skill moves and can do it all with both feet, because he as 5* weak foot as well.

Once you get the ball to your striker, it's game over for your opponent. Your striker is the fastest player in the game, has 5* skill moves, can dribble and has a deadly finish. If you're still wondering which players I am talking about, just look at this picture and enjoy...

FIFA 23 Hybrid Team
This is the best hybrid squad in FIFA 23! | © EarlyGame / EA Sports

What would you improve? Are you hyped for FIFA 23? How much do you think this team will cost? Tell us in the comments!