FIFA 23: Best Low Budget FUT Starter Teams

It is very important to have a competitive squad right from the start in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. We present you the best and at the same time cheapest starter squads from 10k coins, 50k coins and up to over 100k coins.

FIFA 23 Low Budget Starter Teams
Best Starter Teams in FUT: 10k, 50k, 100k coins. | © EA Sports / EarlyGame

Kick-off in FIFA 23 and the restart in Ultimate Team is here. We show you the best and cheapest FUT 23 Starter Squads. With the new chemistry system, there are completely different possibilities in team building. That's why we show you different teams here that will give you a good start into the new season at the beginning.

How To Get A Cheap Starter Team In FIFA 23

Important for the start are basic things. Trading is of course essential, buying players cheap and selling them higher is a key to being successful without FIFA Points. You should also regularly check all Milestones, because packs with players are waiting here. FUT Moments can also give you easy stars right at the start, which you can also exchange for packs.

Safe Coins – Have Fun Playing: Best Low Budget Starter Teams For FUT

We got three cheap squads for your first games in Division Rivals. We have divided the teams into different prize categories. We start with a team that will cost you between 10k and 20k coins. After that we got a 40k-50k team, and at the end there's the 100k team, which is really more than solid to play with.

10k Starter Team

This team is really cheap and comes with good pace. That's just as critical in FIFA 23 as it always is – even if passing is a biiiiiit more important this year. The strikers have nice shooting, wingers got good pace. However, several players need position changes here. So make sure that you either buy them with the right positions on the transfer market, or make sure that you have a few cards in the club.

FUT Low Budget 10 K starter team
This Team is worth 10k – and ok for the first steps. | © futbin

50k Starter Team

We move straight into the next price category. Here, we built a Bundesliga team. Although Kai Havertz does not achieve the perfect chemistry, he is simply better than Florian Wirtz or Marco Reus.

Starter Team FIFA 23
Worth 50k. This squad is a solid start. | © futbin

You could also consider Bernd Leno as goalie and push your team towards Premier League players.

100k Starter Team

A lot of pace, a lot of finishing and a lot of danger. Defensively solid too. But feel free to check the best formations for FIFA 23, because in game you might not want to play with a 4-2-4. That's really all in.

Starter team fifa 23 100k FUT
100k Starter Team in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. | © futbin

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