FIFA 23: Best Ligue 1 Starter Squad

The Ligue 1 is dominated by only one team in FIFA 23: Paris Saint-Germain. But we show you a good and cheap Ligue 1 Starter Squad, in which not only expensive PSG players are included!

FIFA 23 Ligue 1
Who do you think is behind this filter? Here is the best FIFA 23 Ligue 1 Starter Team. | © EA, EarlyGame, Wikipedia

Ligue 1 has the big problem that for years it has only been identified with PSG. But what can you do, there's always drama. Today we show you the best Ligue 1 Starter Team in FIFA 23. We did without PSG players as well as possible, but there are two low budget cards from PSG you have to use.

At the end there is the big appearance of PSG, it really can't be done without them. Because then we show you the currently best Ligue 1 Squad in Ultimate Team. It's probably even the best team in FIFA 23.

If you are interested, we will show you the best and cheapest Starter Squad of the Premier League.

FIFA 23: Best Ligue 1 Starter Squad

Ligue 1 is, similar to the Italian Serie A or the Bundesliga, a really good alternative to the overpriced Premier League. The FUT prices always go through the roof at the beginning of the game, especially cards from the Premier League are way too expensive. The Ligue 1 is not as well positioned in terms of depth, but the price-performance ratio is all the better for it.

Best Ligue 1 Starter Team in FIFA 23

If you are a fan of the Ligue 1, you should start with these eleven guys in FUT. This team clearly has its strength in midfield, these are insane all-rounders. Hopefully Renato Sanches isn't too expensive, but you know that from the last few years. The central defence with Mbemba and Todibo seems to be the only weak point here, but there's really nothing better in the league for the price. Pépé has returned to France from Arsenal and Delort could be a real beast in the penalty area.

Ligue 1 Starter
The midfield is just brutal! | © Futbin

The team will be affordable for everyone from day 1 who has already started trading in the Web or Companion App.

This Is The Best Ligue 1 Team In FIFA 23

The best Ligue 1 team is simply PSG. It's boring, but what can you do. Kylian Mbappé is the best player in FIFA 23, Lionel Messi has only 81 pace and Kimpembe will still be as broken as in FIFA 22. Those are the storylines. We have added the Ligue 1 Hero Okocha so that there is at least a little bit of variety. This team looks really unbeatable.

Ligue 1 best team
Whew, this is the best team in FIFA 23! | © Futbin

So, these are the best teams in Ligue 1. Which team you play depends on your wallet. Or your dad's credit card.