FIFA 23: Best Ligue 1 Starter Squad

The French Ligue 1 has outstanding players in FIFA 23. Due to the numerous top stars such as Messi, Neymar, Mbappé and Co., the prices for Ligue 1 players are also high. That's why we have not only put together the best Ligue 1 team for you, but also the cheapest.

FIFA 23 Ligue 1
Who do you think is behind this filter? Here is the best FIFA 23 Ligue Team. | © EA, EarlyGame, Wikipedia

There is nothing better than trying new cool cards in FIFA Ultimate Team. Today we show you the best Ligue 1 teams in FIFA 23. If you have other good Untradeable cards, just let yourself be inspired here for certain positions that are still open for you.

Are you curious about the best players for the best value? Then you've clicked on the perfect article. Some of you might not have such a high account balance, or those who just started playing late again, so we've found the best teams for you, as well as those try-hards out there. Let’s check out the best Ligue 1 team!

FIFA 23: Best Ligue 1 FUT-Squad

We'll show you the two best Ligue 1 teams from which you can take inspiration to create a squad in your price range. First, there is the cheapest team. So a good team with cheaper alternatives. Then we'll show you the best team from Ligue 1 (not too unrealistic, of course). TOTY cards and players that are way to expensive, are not included.

Budget Ligue 1 Team In FIFA 23

The best that Ligue 1 can offer at great prices! Neymar at 50K doesn't happen every year either. He's still got it, don't worry! Boufal is also really nice, with 5-Star Skills and 95 Dribbling for under 50,000 coins. What a midfield: Sissoko and Fofana will bully anyone crossing their way.

Ligue 1 Budget
Crazy budget squad from Ligue 1 | © Futbin

The Best Ligue 1 Team In FIFA 23

Here comes the crème de la crème, the best Ligue 1 team in FIFA 23! Here we went for in-game performance and cool cards. Kylian Mbappé is and will always be the GOAT in FIFA, no matter what version of him. The guy is just pure meta. But also Ginola and Neymar are still really good and will tear your opponents apart! The team is just awesome.

Ligue1 Best
What a team! | © Futbin

Let us know which cards you like from the teams!

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