FIFA 23: Best La Liga Starter Squad

The La Liga is one of the most popular leagues in FIFA 23 because there are many high-quality players as well as cheap cards for your Starter Squad. Accordingly, the prices for the best Liga BBVA players are high, but here we have a few FIFA 23 La Liga teams that are good and cheap.

La Liga Starter Bild
Who has to be part of your La Liga squad? | © EarlyGame, LaLiga, FIFA

You're probably as hyped for FIFA 23 as we are. It won't be long before the Ultimate Team web and companion app launch. There, you will have to earn enough coins to afford the best La Liga players in FIFA 23. In this article, we present you cheap La Liga Starter Teams with which you can have the possibility to be one of the best in Division Rivals and in the Weekend League.

Of course, many La Liga players are overpriced at the beginning. Especially cards from Real Madrid and Barcelona (Vinicus and de Jong for example are crazy) are very expensive. The cards are also really op, though, so it's worth checking them out either. So, after this crazy transfer summer (nobody knows how Barca could afford Lewandowski, Raphinha or Alonso), the La Liga is absolutely worth it for FUT. Vinícius Júnior is one of the best players in FIFA 22 – and definitely part of the best La Liga team which we will present to you in this article as well. You will see this card quite often in the opposing team, so you need a team that can defend him.

FIFA 23: Best La Liga Starter Squad

We show you several La Liga teams from which you can build the one that is in your price range. In a few weeks, there may be different players that are OP. As soon as that is the case, we will update this article immediately.

Best La Liga Starter Team in FIFA 23

As we already said, we'll show you a cheap La Liga team with the best players. So take a look at our squad – who is your favorite player?

La Liga Starter Team FIFA 23
This team is definitely worth it. | futbin

This Is The Best La Liga Team In FIFA 23

Now comes the crème de la crème, the best La Liga team in FIFA 23! Here, it's all about the rating of the players, and on the other hand about the in-game stats. More gamers take a look at the rating than the in-game stats. Of course, a Jesús Navas isn't the best right back but all in all, his rating shows 83 OVR. So we want to show you what the La Liga can do:

La Liga best
Especially the midfield is outstanding. | futbin

This team looks insane – and will be unaffordable in the first few weeks unless you invest your money in FIFA 23 packs. The highlight is... the whole team. Vinícius Júnior and Enrico Valverde are outstanding players. Is Robert Lewandowski really that good? Right now, we're not sure. But who knows, maybe in FIFA 23, headers will be op again – the striker would certainly benefit from that.