New Pack Animation: How To Spot Walkouts In FIFA 23

With every FIFA there is also a new pack animation. For FIFA 23 we have, of course, already found out how to spot a walkout the fastest.

FIFA 23 Pack Animation 2
How do you recognise a walkout in FIFA 23? | @xisma_19 via Twitter / EarlyGame

FIFA 23 is just around the corner, and as soon as you're mad enough to open packs with FIFA Points or watch your favorite streamer waste money, then you should know how to spot a walkout. With the new pack animation, there are new clues to look out for to get you hyped for a good pack. Again, we don't recommend buying FIFA Points and buttering them up into FUT packs. Let the streamers and YouTubers like Castro or AJ3 do it, they can deduct it from their taxes or even get the in-game currency for free. In the stream, however, you are the first to recognize whether a walkout is being packed or not.

FIFA 23 Pack Animation: How To Spot Walkouts

The new pack design looks quite nice, doesn't it? We always like it when something new is added to the game we love. The players stand on something akin to a stage, there are a lot of bright lights and the rating goes up step by step until the total rating of the player is reached. But you should pay particular attention to the spotlights that stand to the right and left of the stage. They hold the clues to the walkout.

FIFA 23 Pack Animation: Players under 83 OVR

For players under an 83 OVR, the spotlights remain completely deactivated. They stay completely static and don't light up anything during the unveiling of the card. There is no reason to celebrate, who is happy about a card with an 82 rating, right?

FIFA 23 Pack Animation: Players between 83 and 85 OVR

Now it gets more exciting. If you pack a player who has at least an 83 OVR, the spotlights on the left and right turn on. You can see this right at the beginning of the pack animation. Of course, the rating ticks further up, and more and more information, like nation, club and position will be unveiled. Of course, the full picture of the FUT card, revealing the player is shown last. But the fun doesn't end there, because we want more, we want walkouts.

FIFA 23 Pack Animation: Walkout

When you pack a walkout, you have to watch out for the spotlights once again. They start to glow and move. But there is a huge difference to an 83 OVR. The light in the background and on the walls seems to be completely different. How is it different? Well, the background is much darker.

So, if the spotlights shine, but the light in the background doesn't really come on, then you've packed the walkout. In addition, you can recognize this by an explosion of light above the player's head, which only occurs during a walkout. However, this explosion comes so late that you already know which player you have drawn. Unless you have no clue about the game and football and know neither the footballers nor the nation.

Another hint at a walkout is the camera movement at the very beginning of the animation. If the camera moves in from the left, you've got higher chances of an 86+ player. However, it is also possible to get a walkout when the camera enters the stage from the right, because then the walkout runs in from the right. But this animation seems to be rarer.

So far, we have not noticed any rating differences in the walkouts. The animation for an 86 and an 89 seems to be the same.

Check out our walkout video below: