5 Reasons Why You Should Definitely Buy FIFA 23

It will still take about half a year until FIFA 23 is released, but you should already consider buying it now.

FIFA 23 best FIFA
Will FIFA 23 be the best FIFA ever? | © EarlyGame / EA

FIFA 22 is still in full swing. FUT Birthday was a successful promo in our opinion, but the high phase of FIFA traditionally ends with the TOTY. The hype at the beginning of the game is huge, everybody wants to build up a new team. The TOTS is interesting again, but we're slowly looking towards FIFA 23. Last week, we already listed five reasons, why you should never buy FIFA 23. Now comes the contra-article, let us convince you of the opposite. In the end, everybody has to form his own opinion.

Are you satisfied with FIFA 22? Every day, we get upset about the gameplay getting worse and worse. But FIFA 22 is also fun - as long as you don't sweat FUT every day, but play co-op or Pro Clubs with your colleagues. Will FIFA 23 be better than FIFA 22? Here are five reasons why FIFA 23 will be the best FIFA ever.

Will FIFA 23 Be The Best FIFA Ever?

We are aware that this will be a controversial article. But read it to the end and then sum it up. One thing is for sure: The next FIFA title can't be much worse than FIFA 22 anyway. If you want to be up-to-date about FIFA 23, you can find all FIFA 23 leaks via this link. There are huge innovations, we can promise. Furthermore, we have asked you which innovations the EarlyGame community would like to see in particular. If your suggestions will be implemented by EA, it will be the best FIFA ever.

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy FIFA 23

  • FIFA 23 will be the last FIFA
  • FIFA 23 has crossplay
  • New players and transfers
  • New FUT grind
  • Hope for improvement

That's Why You Should Buy FIFA 23: It Will Be The Last FIFA

FIFA 23 will definitely be the last FIFA. This was confirmed by EA after it was announced that the contract with FIFA will not be renewed. EA should have paid more than 800 million euros for the naming rights of the game in the next four years, but the North Americans didn't do that. All details can be read in this article.

It is certain that FIFA 23 will still be called FIFA 23. But FIFA 24? Definitely off the table. How FIFA 24 will be called is still unclear. Currently, there is a rumor that it will be called EA Sports FC 2024. Silly.

That's why every FIFA fan has to buy FIFA 23 - just because of nostalgia. The last, official FIFA part has to be something special.

Buy FIFA 23 Because It Has Crossplay

Top tier leaker Tom Henderson has announced that FIFA 23 will have crossplay. So for the first time in FIFA history, you can play with each other across consoles. This feature seriously never existed before! There was no official confirmation from EA, but you can always rely on the leaks from Henderson.

Hopefully, it all works out - we're already afraid that there will be disconnects and lags during matches between PC and console. But finally, you can play with friends who have another console. Small note: If you're not on Team PlayStation, you've lost anyway. EA will probably forgive you for this mistake from FIFA 23 on.

To what extent the crossplay will play out is not yet known. Will you only be able to play friendly matches? Or can you also play FUT together and against each other?

Buy FIFA 23: New Players, Transfers & Kits

Every year, this is the main reason to buy the new FIFA. Players change clubs, youth players are brought up, teams get new kits. You always want to be up-to-date and play with the new ratings. There is no other choice than to buy the new FIFA. As soon as FIFA 23 is out, the ratings in FIFA 22 won't change anymore. Here is a hot take: Lionel Messi will not have a 90 rating for FIFA 23! As soon as there is such a big player in the new FIFA, you don't want to play with the old ratings of FIFA 22.

If you think about it, EA is basically selling the transfers and new kits for 70 euros as a new game. There have been a few years where hardly any new features were introduced in other game modes. That's sad news...

That's Why You Should Buy FIFA 23: New FUT Grind

Traditionally, you don't take a score from the previous game. You have to play everything new, be it starting a new career, creating a new pro, founding a new club in Pro Clubs and just grind a new FUT team. A clever tactic by EA to tickle everything out of the gamers every year. If you had a sick FUT team in FIFA 22, you start at zero in FIFA 23. And please, don't buy FIFA Points, it really spoils the fun. But exactly at this point, EA catches a lot of people on this planet. Because many people don't like the grind, they invest the money in FIFA Points. What are 20 euros? "That doesn't hurt me that much." How many people do you think do that worldwide? But that's another topic...

5 Reasons Why You Should Definitely Buy FIFA 23: Hope

As we all know, hope dies last. Especially for FIFA players. EA could publish the best game in the world, if they would listen to their community. But no, it's all too much work, all too expensive. We really sit down every year and think: How cool would an online career mode be? It can't be that hard to develop. After all, it's possible in the EA game Madden NFL. It's this hope for innovation that drives the FIFA community to keep playing. You know what could be possible, and you just hope that it will happen someday. Maybe already for FIFA 23...

What prevails for you? The 5 reasons why you should buy FIFA 23 or the 5 reasons why you should not buy FIFA 23? Write us!