5 Reasons Why You Should Not Buy FIFA 23

Like every year: a new FIFA will be launched. Changes: Often not given. Here are 5 reasons why you should not buy FIFA 23

5 Gründe FIFA23
5 reasons why you should keep your hands off FIFA 23. | © EarlyGame / EA

It's the end of September, beginning of October in 2022. FIFA 23 will be released, and there will be enough stupid people who will buy the 70-100 euro copy of FIFA 22. What do you get in return? Money taken out of your pocket via Ultimate Team, even worse gameplay, and gray hairs that start to grow from the ever worsening frustration. Here are at least 5 reasons why you shouldn't buy FIFA 23!

We already know it... In the end we are again the very first morons who start trading via the web app and have already installed the full version of FIFA 23 on the console or on the PC ten days before release. But at some point this has to end, and there are actually enough factors that speak against a purchase. Sure, there's a bit of sarcasm involved, but you should always critically question EA and its games. And look for alternatives. Unfortunately there aren't any...

If you want to get in the mood for FIFA 23, you can read this article with all leaks, rumors and confirmed facts. FIFA 23 will definitely have crossplay, that's really nice. But the negative arguments outweigh, and here they are.

This Is Why You Should Not Buy FIFA 23

  • Bad gameplay
  • Pay to Win
  • Less licenses
  • Bad community management
  • Esport scene
  • Not Free to Play

Don't Buy FIFA 23: Bad Gameplay

Playing FIFA is quite often a pain. The gameplay feels like it's getting worse every year. Up until a certain point, FIFA 22 was also still playable, but the January patch ruined a lot of it. Why does this keep happening? The game is good at release, it's fun. Defending is a challenge, you have to fight for victories. But then all the Thorstens complain, who are 50 years old and always get their asses kicked in the Weekend League. They then cry to EA because the gameplay is too fast for them. The game is patched, the gameplay is slower, 99% of the community is fucked up. But Thorsten is happy. The most successful German FIFA streamer, Elias "EliasN97" has also been upset about this and announced that he doesn't want to play FIFA 22 anymore because of this.

Don't Buy FIFA 23: Pay to Win

There were rumors some time ago that FIFA 23 will be Free to Play. But these were quickly refuted, so the concept remains the same. FIFA costs, depending on the version, 70-100€ at release, and if you want to be successful in Ultimate Team, you MUST spend FIFA Points for packs. We all know how expensive these FIFA Points are. If you would earn a CR7 only by normal playing and trading, you would have to spend months with grind and search. The simplest solution: buy FIFA Points and hope to draw good players in a gambling-like system. EA earns billions of Euros every year with Ultimate Team alone, so there is no chance that this system will be changed. No company in the world is going to give up that revenue. We can only hope that EA will be accused of gambling and therefore will no longer be allowed to sell packs for FUT.

Don't Buy FIFA 23: Loss Of Licenses

EA is gradually losing the licenses for top clubs of international soccer. Competitors eFootball and Strikerz Inc. are courting European clubs more and more vigorously. Especially the Italian Serie A is littered with fake clubs. It all started with Piemonte Calcio (Juventus Turin), Roma FC (AS Rome), Bergamo Calcio (Atalanta Bergamo) and Latinum (Lazio Rome) are probably just the starting signal for further license losses. Fans in Germany have also already had to take their first losses, as the Allianz Arena (FC Bayern Munich) has not been in the game for two years. Of all things, the most visually beautiful arena in Germany is missing. We have no desire at all to do without further licenses in the future. If you make so much money, you should dig deeper into your pockets.

EA stays stubborn and even accepts that FIFA won't be called FIFA in the future. The license agreement with FIFA expires at the end of 2022 and will definitely not be extended. EA is not willing to pay about $800 million over four years for the naming rights to FIFA, he said. "FIFA 23" will definitely exist, but what the successor will be called is completely open. "FIFA 24" it will not be called.

Don't Buy FIFA 23: Bad Community Management

We have already touched this point. EA basically doesn't care what its community says about the game. It doesn't matter to them which new features should be implemented. And that's not because of the community managers who are responsible for the European markets. Because these managers never get through to the top with the community's suggestions. The bosses are based in North America, and they're not interested in user feedback, but in the numbers. There is hardly any interaction with the community; people simply feel left alone. There is no improvement in the air for the future.

Don't Buy FIFA 23: Esports Management

The competitive Esport has been totally neglected by EA since the beginning of the pandemic. There was no official world championship anymore, although an offline event would be well within the realm of possibility. Elias Nerlich proved that with the Eligella Xmas Cup, to which he invited the FIFA elite of the world. Why doesn't EA attach great importance to the Epsort scene? We want to watch the big tournaments on Twitch and learn from the pros. But there are simply no events. EA also didn't do esports any favors by switching to 20 Weekend League games. Hopefully the Canadians are working on a restructuring there.

Don't buy FIFA 23, it's way too expensive

Last but not least, FIFA 23 is not free to play. Nowadays the purchase prices of 70-100€ are really high. So think about it carefully if you want to treat yourself to FIFA 23. The mentioned reasons are justified points of criticism which EA has to address. But in the next days we will also present reasons why you should buy FIFA 23. What will prevail? We will see...