Best FUT Meta Players In FIFA 23

In FIFA 23 the meta will slightly differ from what we were used to in FUT 22, but you can already be sure which players will the best and dominate Ultimate Team in the new game.

FIFA 23 Meta Thumbnail
These players are the new meta in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team! | © EarlyGame / EA Sports

It might be kind of boring if every FIFA 23 starter team looks the same, but meta players make gameplay so much easier. If you use the web app efficiently, you should even be able to afford at least some of these meta players for your first Weekend League.

What's Meta In FIFA?

Meta in general stands for Most Efficient Tactic Available. Players who perform overly well in game and feel much better than their OVR suggests, count as meta-cards. From the past FIFAs, we're able to tell that the meta itself doesn't change that much and is similar each year. That's also the reason why many players are very popular for multiple years in a row. In general, players who are quick, can dribble and have 5* skills and 5* weak foot are the most popular. Here, you'll get an overview on which meta cards you have to look out for in FIFA 23.

FIFA 23 Meta Players Bundesliga

For several years now, the Bundesliga has been known to be the perfect place for young talents to grow and gain experience before their next big step. That's why Bundesliga fans can usually look forward to exciting meta-players in Ultimate Team. With Christopher Nkunku surprisingly staying at RB Leipzig and getting a huge upgrade, he is the meta player in FIFA 23. 88 Pace, 88 Dribbling and a skill move upgrade to 5*, make him one of the most popular cards in the new FUT.

Another player who fits right into the FIFA meta is Alphonso Davies. Coming to the league as a youngster, not really known by many people, he instantly became one of the best left-backs in the world. You simply have to look at his pace and dribbling, and you know he is amongst the top choices for his position. Although he is not the easiest to link, we'll see him a lot.

FIFA 23 Meta bundesliga
These are the meta players from the Bundesliga in FIFA 23 | © EarlyGame / EA Sports / Bundesliga

FIFA 23 Meta Players Premier League

The Premier League is considered to be the strongest football league in the world by many fans – and you can't really argue with that. The world's best players and also the best players in FIFA mostly play in the Premier League, and in nearly every FUT team you'll see PL players.

The first one to look out for is Mohamed Salah, the Egyptian King will yet again be one of the best gold cards in the game. He's quick, he can dribble and even shoot. 4* Skill moves will do the job, and although he is very expensive at the start of FIFA 23, we will see him a couple of times in the first Weekend League matches.

The player who links to him is Virgil van Dijk. The Dutch center back, is the best gold CB in the game and will be playable for a very long time. He got an upgrade from FIFA 22, and these new stats simply look outrageous to us.

A cheaper option for a Premier League meta player is Allain Saint-Maximin. Gucci-man is one of the most agile wingers you can choose from and is huge fun to use. Dribbling with these stats and 5* skills seems so easy.

FIFA 23 Meta PL
These are the meta players from the Premier League in FIFA 23 | © EarlyGame / EA Sports / Premier League

FIFA 23 Meta Players Serie A

The one Serie A club you have to look out for is AC Milan. Not only do they bring in multiple meta players, they will also link very easily new chemistry system. Defensively, you have Theo Hernandez, Fikayo Tomori and Mike Maignan. In midfield, Sandro Tonali is your man of choice and your number one goalscorer will definitely be Rafael Leão. All of them got big upgrades after their outstanding season and the win of the Scudetto. In FIFA 23 there's no way around them for a rather cheap option in the Weekend League.

FIFA 23 Meta Serie A
These are the meta players from Serie A in FIFA 23 | © EarlyGame / EA Sports / Serie A

FIFA 23 Meta Players LaLiga Santander

La Liga is way more interesting in FIFA 23 than it was last year. You can choose from a variety of players in each position that fit every budget. These are just four players you will see over and over again throughout the first Weekend Leagues.

Defensively, Antonio Rüdiger is definitely the number one choice. The German center back received a huge upgrade, which makes him one of the best CBs in the game. The cheaper option here is his teammate Eder Militao. He also gets an upgrade, which makes him even quicker and defensively stronger.

Offensively, the number one choice is a Real Madrid player again. Vinicius Junior is simply out of this world with these stats. Last year he was already one of the most popular cards to use and that isn't changing anytime soon. He could use a WF or shooting upgrade, but that's complaining at a very high level. The cheaper option plays for Madrid's rivals Barcelona. Ousmane Dembélé is a player you already know from past FIFA games. He is quick, he can dribble and unlike Vini he has the 5* 5* which makes him superb.

FIFA 23 Meta La Liga
These are the meta players from La Liga in FIFA 23 | © EarlyGame / EA Sports / La Liga

FIFA 23 Meta Players Ligue 1

Messi and Neymar were both downgraded in FIFA 23, but that doesn't make PSG any less interesting for FUT players. Neymar is still pretty good and there are several other options to choose from. Donnarumma is once again one of the best goalkeepers, Kimpembe is the cheaper CB option, Marquinhos the more expensive one and Hakimi one of the best right-backs in the game. Especially the wonder kid Kylian Mbappé, who is now the joined highest rated player in the game, hits the meta. 5* skills, 4* weak foot, incredible pace, great dribbling and outstanding shooting make him the best player in FIFA 23.

FIFA 23 Meta Ligue 1
These are the meta players from Ligue 1 in FIFA 23 | © EarlyGame / EA Sports / Ligue 1

Which meta players do you go for in FIFA 23? Are you able to afford Kylian Mbappé? Let us know in the comments!

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