FIFA 22: This Is The Fastest Way To Level Up In Pro Clubs

Everyone longs for the perfect pro in Pro Clubs. But the new level system isn't that easy...

Pro Clubs FIFA 22 Celebration
Goals have to be celebrated in style! | © EA, EG

The new level system challenges even the best players in FIFA 22 Pro Clubs. You have to play an absurd number of games to reach the highest possible level. With our guide, you'll learn how to level up the fastest in FIFA 22 Pro Clubs.

Do you have some friends you've always wanted to play FIFA with? Then get out of Ultimate Team and into Pro Clubs! But before you do, make sure to check out this Pro Clubs Tips & Tricks article to be best prepared for the new challenge. Get the guys and gals together, create a club and start the grind. With the right tactics and formations, the road towards Division 1 isn't too far away.

FIFA 22: This Is The Fastest Way To Level Up In Pro Clubs

Before we talk about ratings and ingame stuff, we have to understand the new leveling system in FIFA 22 Pro Clubs. Thank God, EA made some effort and introduced some new features for Pro Clubs. We gamers are happy about that, because everybody likes the grind, but it does also mean we need to understand all of these new systems.

After the end of each match, you get XP. How many points you get depends on how well you played. But the first thing to note, is that the position doesn't play a big role, because bonus XP is awarded to every part of the team.

In the picture below, we see a player rating of 8.7, so apparently that was a good game. The highest player rating is 10.0. The rating increases in-game due to successful actions, such as successful passes, good tackling behavior, good positional play, and goals and assists.

FIFA 22 Pro Clubs Levelsystem
Grinding Pro Clubs... | © EA, EarlyGame

What Is The Maximum Level In FIFA 22 Pro Clubs?

Level 25 is the highest level in FIFA 22 Pro Clubs. Once you have reached the Max Level, no more Perks can be purchased. The last unlockable perk is "Standard Ace". After that, you can still collect XP, but it doesn't give you any advantages anymore. To reach level 25, however, you have to put in a decent grind. The Pro in the picture has played 155 matches and has an average score in these 155 matches of 8.3. Accordingly, you can judge that the Pro Club's character has to deliver many good matches to become Max Level. There is no blanket number. But the higher the average rating, the faster you level up.

Can A Player Get A 99 OVR In FIFA 22 Pro Clubs?

No, a 99 OVR rating is not possible in Pro Clubs. With the right settings, a 90 OVR is the highest possible rating. Just have a look at the leaderboards. Some gamers have simply played over 3,000 (!) Pro Clubs games. A sick number if you ask me. And the maximum rating is always a 90, although we can't recommend a 90 rating because you'd have to spend skill points on shooting and passing instead of dribbling and speed. And we all know the FIFA meta. So it's better to accept a lower rating for better in-game stats.

FIFA 22: The Fastest Way To Level Up In Pro Clubs

We've already explained the leveling system, now it's just a matter of playing a lot and effectively at the same time. You need a functioning team with which you can win practically every match. What settings, formations, tactics and instructions to use, you will learn in this detailed article.

In our experience, the position you play does not play a primary role. As we said earlier, there are various bonuses that the other team part doesn't get. However, there is one thing that cannot be understated, and that is the goals scored. Those generate juicy XP for your pro. Of course, you'll score more points when you win against inferior teams than when you lose, that's obvious. Therefore, as soon as your club doesn't advance in a league, i.e. you don't win any more games and don't get promoted, then find a new club and start again in division 10. This way you play with a higher probability against worse opponents and win more games and XP for your pro.

FIFA 22 Pro Clubs title div 10
Title in league 10 - there is nothing easier than that in Pro Clubs. | © EA, EarlyGame

FIFA 22 Pro Clubs: The Best Perks To Level Up XP

The best Pro Clubs perks are unlockable only at the very end. Second air and standard ace are sick game changers. But everyone has to start small. In the beginning, the perk selection is honestly not that important. You just go with what you've got. However, as soon as you get your hands on Active First Touch and Distance Shooter, you should take these perks. From level 19 onwards, you can then equip the third perk slot.

FIFA 22 Pro Clubs: This Is The Fastest Way To Get Skill Points

You get skill points after leveling up and after finishing a certain number of games. The skill points are given randomly, sometimes you can't assign them at all. You also don't get skill points after every level up. And one thing is for sure: You can't equip all attributes with skill points. So you'll have to decide whether to invest the points in speed, shooting, dribbling, passing, defending or goalkeeping. You can't assign skill points to all groups at the same time.

With these small but (we hope) helpful insights, nothing should stand in the way of your Max Level Pro. Except maybe not having enough time to play.