FIFA 22: Attention! Next No-Loss Glitch For Ultimate Team

Just in time for the start of the Weekend League, there is a new no-loss glitch. But beware, EA might ban you!

FIFA 22 No Loss Glitch FUT Weekend League Glitch
It happened again... There is the next no-loss glitch in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team! | © EarlyGame

I'm asking for a friend... How does the new no-loss glitch work in Ultimate Team? We know, and we're telling you, so you'll know when opponents use it against you. We also strongly advise you not to use the glitch yourself. Because in the past, the exploiters were banned by EA. My account would be too valuable to me... But you have to decide for yourself if you want to risk it for the biscuit.

We always ask ourselves: how do such glitches come about? Some people have nothing else to do the whole day but to look for some loopholes. Usually, it takes a few days until EA can patch these glitches out of the game. So, if you wanted to play FUT Champions this weekend, you should be prepared for unpleasant opponents. There will be a lot of players who can't play FIFA at all, but still are 20-0...

FIFA 22: Attention! Next No-Loss Glitch For Ultimate Team

We have to emphasize it once again: Whoever exploits the glitch will be banned by EA. Because you can't use this glitch "by mistake". This article is just for clarification, we don't want to encourage anyone to exploit any glitches here. But if you ask for a friend or your school project, of course we will give you the answer.

FIFA 22: No-Loss Glitch

The glitch only works on console. PC players are welcome to read about the upcoming Silver Stars promo here. A Reddit user told us this morning what he found out about the glitch. He, too, stresses that exploiting it can be banned directly by EA.

FIFA 22: This Is How The No Loss Glitch Works

TheEagleEye8 describes that he already had three opponents this week who exploited the glitch. The opponents played FIFA via the smartphone hotspot on the console. Then, when they failed to score a goal, they got a call from a friend. As soon as the call goes through, the FIFA opponent is simply kicked to the main menu and out of the game. EA counts that as a disconnect and thus automatically a loss. Whew. You can read the original Reddit post here.

FIFA 22: Who Glitches, Gets Banned

TheEagleEye8 continues that he doesn't want to encourage anyone to exploit the glitch by this post, but only wants to create a platform to make EA aware of this problem. And he is absolutely right about that. Glitches like this are really scum and ruin the whole weekend and the fun of the game. The problem is that EA only intervenes when it's already too late. I mean, what's the point if we lose because of a glitch and the opponent is banned at some point? We still have the defeat. The rewards in the Weekend League are also different from what we actually deserve. So please, EA, read our posts on these topics and fix your game. Thank you.