FIFA 22 Co-op Seasons: How To Win Division 1 - Teams, Tactics & Formations

You don't want to play against each other in FIFA 22 anymore? Then play co-op! With our guide, you can easily win the 1st division.
FIFA 22 Koop
PSG is one of the best co-op teams. | © RMC / EA Sports

Co-op is one of the most underrated game modes in FIFA - and has been for years. If you want to escape from the sweaty grind of Ultimate Team, you should definitely check out the co-op seasons. The hardest part about the whole story: You need a friend to play with you. Online. That should be doable, right?

We've written a guide so that you don't get smashed in the first co-op games. We use the tactics, teams and methods in the same as way when we pick up the controller ourselves. Even we were able to lift the trophy of the 1st division. Should be an easy one for you, then. Let's go!

FIFA 22 Co-op Seasons: How To Win Division 1 - Teams, Tactics & Formations

The co-op mode is very easy to find. In the main menu you have to select "Play". After that click on "Seasons" to get to "Co-op Seasons" by pressing R1. Now you just have to invite each other and choose a team, after that you can play in the co-op world.

FIFA 22 Co-op Seasons: The Best Teams

At the start of every session you have to agree on a team. We can tell you the best teams in FIFA, but at the end of the day you have to decide for yourself who you want to play the most. If you want to play with your favorite 3rd division team, that's fine. We'll get to matchmaking in the next section, where you'll actually have to consider a few things.

So which teams are the best? There's not much to choose from. There are five really good teams - and you'll be playing against them all the time. But what defines a good co-op team? What defines FIFA? Only one thing: pace. You just need pace in all positions. You don't even need to play with center backs who have 50 pace. As soon as you play against Kylian Mbappé, you'll realize that. 5-star teams with two fast CB's and FB's really don't come around very often. Therefore, here's our recommendation.

FIFA 22 Co-op Seasons: The Best Teams - FC Bayern Munich

We personally won the 1st Div with FC Bayern Munich. Bayern has the best midfield in the entire game. Box to box players Kimmich and Goretzka will dominate the midfield, Kingsley Coman and Leroy Sané are some of the best wingers you could ask for. But we did some crazy things in the lineup there, the opponents had no answer for that. Our formation was the 4-1-2-1-2 with Coman as a right-back. He can do that, for real now. Serge Gnabry at CAM, Sané and Robert Lewandowski played up front. Send Sané with long balls into the depth, pass it to Lewa, and he surely scores.

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In co-op, there are dynamic player ratings - depending on real-life performance. | © EA

FIFA 22 Co-op Seasons: The Best Teams - France

The Équipe Tricolore is also absolutely overpowered. Compared to Paris SG, you have an insane midfield here with Kanté and Pogba. Mbappé is the lone striker up front, to be sure. But hey, he's the best player in FIFA 22. France's weak point is their dynamic national team squads, so you won't always have all the superstars at your disposal.

FIFA 22 Co-op Seasons: The Best Teams - Manchester United

No matter where Cristiano Ronaldo plays, his team is automatically included in the selection as a result. However, Manchester United has problems in the defense, you should not let Harry Maguire play at all. He's more immobile than a concrete mixer. In the offense, you have three times 5-star-skillers with Rashford, Sancho and Siiiuuu.

FIFA 22 Co-op Seasons: The Best Teams - PSG

PSG is the meta team in FIFA 22, and we'd be a little disappointed if you made it that easily. The weak point of PSG is clearly the center. There, you have neither fast nor strong shooting players. The best thing is to try to get the balls into the feet of Neymar, Messi, Mbappé and Di Maria with a fast build-up play (in the tactics). They will then do the rest on their own. PSG can be played with a 4-3-3, 4-1-2-1-2 (2), 4-4-2 or 4-2-3-1.

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Most likely the best squad in FIFA 22. | © EA

FIFA 22 Co-op Seasons: The Best Teams - Liverpool FC

Liverpool is a very nasty co-op opponent, because Virgil Van Dijk simply clears everything and everyone put at the back. Next to him plays Joe Gomez, who is faster than most attackers. Sadio Mané and Mohamed Salah are insane - but also predictable. Try out Liverpool's default formation with the pressing, it's really fun!

FIFA 22 Co-op Seasons: Matchmaking

In co-op, there is a skill and team based matchmaking. You only play against opponents that are in your division, the next higher division or the next lower division. Assuming you are in div 3, you can get opponents from div 2, 3 and 4. Opponents from div 3 are the most common in this case. But be prepared for better opponents from higher leagues as well.

The same applies to the team of opponents. In our experience, a whole star difference in team rating can lead to a matchmake. So with a 4-star team, you can play against FC Bayern, PSG and Co. So for this reason, it makes sense to play only with 5-star teams. The difference is just too big to afford to play with 1. FC Köln against Manchester City.

FIFA 22 Co-op Seasons: Tactics, Instructions, Formations

To be successful in co-op, you'll need to take full advantage of the FIFA meta. We've linked you to a detailed article on the meta here. In our experience, the 4-1-2-1-2 (2) is the best formation when playing FIFA with multiple players. The same is true for Pro Clubs, click here for Pro Clubs tips and tricks. It is very important that the outside defenders always stay behind and at least one striker runs over the defense. Everything else you can control manually. Use rather conservative tactics, i.e. 50-60 in width and depth. Pressing after possession lost is also recommended, but can of course lead to gaps in the defense here and there.

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Pressing after ball loss harmonizes with conservative width and depth settings.. | © EA

FIFA 22 Co-op Seasons: Good Chemistry With Your Playing Partner

The most important thing about co-op is the chemistry between you two. If everyone wants to do everything on their own, you won't win games. Communication should also be clear and concise, the best way is to meet in a party. At the latest, in the higher leagues, you have to communicate with each other, otherwise the opponents will hit you on the head.

FIFA 22 Co-op Seasons: How To Win The 1st Division

How do you win the 1st division in co-op now? You need to play one of the top five teams, choose the lineup according to the meta, that is, send the fastest players on the field. Use the right instructions and tactics, prefer to think conservatively. You'll need to communicate with each other, agree on running routes and moves. And, of course, you need practice, nothing comes from nothing. But viola, that's how you win the 1st division in FIFA 22 Co-op seasons.