FIFA 23: Features That The EarlyGame Community Wants To See

FIFA 22 is not the most popular FIFA of all time, so FIFA 23 needs some innovations. These are your suggestions.
FIFA 23 EG Community
FIFA 23 without Pay to Win, FUT without Kimpembe and better gameplay - that's what the EarlyGame community wants! | © EarlyGame / EA

FIFA 22 was recently heavily criticized by the biggest German FIFA streamer, Elias "EliasN97" Nerlich. And rightly so. EA has to think about FIFA 23, because otherwise nobody will play FIFA anymore. We asked you for suggestions and wishes for FIFA 23. These are your answers.

It's still about half a year until FIFA 23 will be released. One leaks are already dropped, we have listed them in this hub article. Just recently, Tom Henderson announced that FIFA 23 will have crossplay. That's at least a long awaited feature. But what do you wish for? Let's see!

These New Features Are Wanted By The Earlygame Community for FIFA 23

At this point we want to say probs to you, we have received more than 400 comments with constructive suggestions. That we can't respond to every single comment is probably clear. Therefore, you should check out our Discord server, where we can discuss FIFA 23 and FIFA in general.

All New features For FIFA 23 At A Glance

  • Better gameplay
  • FUT 23 without Kimpembe and Flashback Benzema
  • Stop playing against the same teams (PSG)
  • All goal anthems and fan chants for FIFA 23
  • No more Pay to Win in FIFA 23
  • FIFA 23: Online career mode
  • Coach and player career from youth onwards
  • Play original coaches
  • Play self-made players in your own career team
  • Abolish momentum
  • Choose referee jersey
  • Play as a referee
  • Better fan animations

Better Gameplay For FIFA 23

By far the biggest wish. Fluid, fast gameplay, without momentum, without weird scenes. Like it was the case in FIFA 17 for example. At the beginning of every FIFA part the gameplay is still good, but at the latest after the third patch the game is almost unplayable. But as long as there are no new developers, I don't see changes coming soon.

FUT 23 Without Kimpembe And Flashback Benzema

The normal gold card of Presnel Kimpembe is the absolute horror in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. No attacker can get past this cabinet, no matter how good or how fast it is. The card must be bugged somehow because Kimpembe blocks every shot, wins every duel and every header. And always in a very strange way. We don't even want to know how many controllers have been broken there. Flashback Karim Benzema dominated especially at the beginning of FIFA 22. Before the TOTYs came, the Frenchman was often the number 1 striker in the Weekend League. That you can't just remove both players from FIFA is obvious, of course. But the momentum of the players is already legendary.

Stop Playing Against The Same Teams (PSG)

You know it... You start a season or co-op game, the loading screen comes to an end and poof.... you land in the Parc de Princes and play against PSG. Again. As usual. And it really gets on your nerves. But do you want to blame the opponents for playing with the best team in the game? EA could actually add a feature to the opponent search in matchmaking for FIFA 23 that you can't play the same team twice in a row. Or is that too much to ask?

All Goal Anthems And Fan Chants For FIFA 23

A cool suggestion. And it has to be said that this has already improved a lot compared to FIFA 21. One reason for missing goal anthems are surely expensive licenses. It's not like EA earns billions with FIFA every year. Fan chants should be added for every licensed club, though, absolutely.

No More Pay To Win In FIFA 23

Phew. Sure, it would be nice. But it's absolutely not feasible, unfortunately. Everybody would wish it. And hopefully EA will get in trouble with the gambling rights for Ultimate Team. But honestly: EA makes billions of Euros every year with FUT, no company in the world would change this format, as long as it is legally legal.

FIFA 23: Online Career Mode

For years, we've been calling for an online career mode. In other EA games like Madden NFL 2022 this is easily feasible. But why can't EA implement this for FIFA? In Madden, the simulation continues after every game week. In this game week you have to adjust things like training, trades, lineups, etc. This would be just as feasible for FIFA! But probably that would cost revenue for FUT, and that's why EA doesn't bring an online career mode.

Coach And Player Career From Youth Onwards

This is really very interesting. You start as a youth player or coach, grow up with soccer and go through all youth stations. Maybe this mode could be made a bit more critical, and show the brutal business of soccer. The story could be structured similarly to Alex Hunter, but start much earlier and last longer.

Play Original Coaches

Be sure to check out our video after this paragraph. Why can't I do this? Why can't I start a coaching career with a licensed coach like Jürgen Klopp? With Klopp, you could go back to Borussia Dortmund or FSV Mainz 05, or choose completely different goals. But no, you always have to create your own coach. Boo.

Play Self-created Players In Your Own Career Team

In FIFA 22, playing your own club was introduced as a new feature for the career mode. But the absurd thing about it was that you could only use players generated by the game. In your own club you also want to play your own players.

Abolish Momentum

Momentum exists in FIFA without any ifs and buts. This "feature" exists to make the game artificially more exciting and to favor worse gamers, so that they don't lose the desire to play so fast and quit. Momentum has been a nagging issue for decades - and should be abolished!

Select Referee Jersey

Who does not know it? The referee often wears the same color as one of the two teams, especially in career mode. That really sucks all the time. For years we would like to have the possibility to customize the jersey of the referee before a match.

Playing As A Referee

How cool would that be? Just referee a FIFA game for a change. A referee career in FIFA 23 would be the absolute hit. Sure, you could theoretically do a lot of nonsense by giving every player a red card. But you could build in a rating system that lets you move up in the leagues if you referee well. An example: You start your referee career and have to start in the 3rd league. Through good performance, you are eventually allowed to referee the 2nd League, the Cup, the 1st League and finally internationally. If you get difficult decisions wrong or hand out pointless red cards, you'll be relegated again or have your license revoked altogether.

Better fans

Every year anew: If the fans are faded in during a match, then 90% of the spectators behave and look the same. A lot of attention to detail is required, but an individual fan atmosphere would also add a completely different feel to the gameplay. You were also quite right to criticize the cheering after goals or a title win. There's still a lot of room for improvement there.

Those were the most important suggestions from your side - and we are thrilled! Imagine if EA would put all this into FIFA 23. It would be the perfect game we all wish for. But, as they say? FIFA isn't a wish list.