FIFA 23 Has These SICK New Features!

FIFA 23 has the most innovations since many years! New gameplay, crossplay and many more cool features!

FIFA 23 new features Kai Havertz
Kai Havertz is showing off the new FIFA 23 features! | © EA

The cat is out of the bag: EA has presented all new features for FIFA 23! We can't keep up with all the new features and have to digest them first. The gameplay will change significantly – at least for the next-gen. In this article, we explain in detail which innovations there are.

FIFA 23 Has Crossplay, Two World Cups & More!

A few days ago, we reported on the comments of EA CEO Andrew Wilson, who described the cooperation between EA and FIFA as "impeded". EA would have had to pay about 860 million euros over four years for a new contract, just to use the name "FIFA" for their football game. EA turned that down and secured rights for a new name. But all this will be relevant for the 2024 FIFA because FIFA 23 is definitely going to be called FIFA 23, and not "EA Sports FC 23".

FIFA 23 With Crossplay

FIFA 23 will have crossplay. So, you will be able to play with your friends across consoles. PC, Xbox and PlayStation will finally be united. However, there are differences between the different console generations, i.e. PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

You can probably play Ultimate Team, Co-op, Pro Clubs, Volta, Seasons, Co-op Seasons and friendlies via crossplay. EA has not yet confirmed which modes will be included, but it seems likely that all of them will have crossplay. We are totally hyped!

FIFA 23 World Cup Mode: For Men And Women

A novelty in FIFA history: For the first time, a specially developed World Cup mode for men AND women will be packed into the game. So, the controversial World Cup in Qatar can also be played on the console. And women's football finally gets its justified attention. How exactly the World Cup modes work is explained in this article.

We can only say this much: We expect a huge FUT promo and a dedicated World Cup mode in FUT for the World Cup in Qatar, similar to what was the case for the 2014 and 2018 World Cups.

FIFA 23: Women Get Clubs

There will not only be the World Cup mode for women, but you can finally play licensed women's clubs in FIFA 23. As soon as we have more details which clubs and leagues will be available, we will update this for you.

FIFA 23 New Gameplay: Hypermotion 2

FIFA 23 on the Next-Gen (PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC) will have new gameplay, new motion sequences, a new turf and the new engine "Hypermotion 2". Men and women were scanned with new technologies and worked into the engine, so that we gamers should have a new feeling when playing FIFA 23.

Here are all gameplay innovations at a glance:

  • Advanced impact physics
  • Authentic movement of the entire team
  • New hyperrealistic pitches
  • Stadium xGen capture of the players
  • Technical dribblings
  • Power Shot

Meanwhile, those who still have a PS4 or Xbox One will go away empty-handed, whew, because the new features only apply to the next-gen.

Make sure to check out the FIFA 23 Trailer with some of the new features shown: