FIFA 23: Best Premier League Squad For FUT

Just like in real life, the Premier League is the most popular league in FIFA 23. It makes sense, the players are the best in the world, and the best in the game. In this article, we'll show you the best Premier League squad in Ultimate Team.

Bpl squad
Let's take a look at the best Premier League squad in FIFA 23! | EarlyGame

The Premier League is not only the best league in the world in real life, but it also offers outstanding players in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. Especially during the current TOTS (Team of the Season) period, there is an abundance of incredibly special cards that can greatly enhance your FUT squad.

It's time to assemble the best Premier League team currently available in Ultimate Team. However, it's important to note that looking at the TOTS calendar, you'll see that other top leagues will also release their Team of the Season squads, bringing more special cards. If you don't want to miss out on any TOTS, you should keep an eye on our website.

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team: The Best Premier League Cards

Let's first take a look at the special cards available in the Premier League so far. Particularly noteworthy are the Team of the Year and Team of the Season, which have already introduced some incredible Premier League players.

Indeed, the Premier League has received several special cards through Heroes, TOTS SBCs, and various Team of the Week releases. Notably, players like Mohamed Salah have been featured in these special cards. Here is a comprehensive list of the entire Premier League Team of the Season (TOTS).

The Best Premier League Team in FUT

So, we've put together the best Premier League players into a FUT team, and it quickly became apparent that the Team of the Season cards are simply the strongest. Let's take a look at the squad and its (quite competitive) price:

Best premier league squad
Whoever can afford this Premier League team has simply won. | EarlyGame

It certainly looks impressive, doesn't it? Let's go through the 30-million team from the back: When comparing Aaron Ramsdale and David de Gea, they are both fairly equal in terms of their rating. However, Ramsdale has slightly stronger stats on his card. On the other hand, De Gea's advantage lies in his height.

The back four is indeed formidable. Zinchenko's Team of the Season card stands out at the left-back position. In central defense, we have Virgil van Dijk as the Team of the Year player alongside Rúben Dias with his Team of the Season card. Both boast an impressive Pace rating of 88! With a Defending rating of 97, they can even defend against the upcoming Mbappé Team of the Season card. On the right, Kieran Trippier takes charge. Our suggestion would be to use the Shadow chemistry style to further enhance his 90 Pace rating.

On the left wing, we have the impressive Marcus Rashford with his exceptional stats. However, he does come with a crazy price tag of around seven million coins. On the right wing, we have Mohamed Salah, who is consistently one of the best Premier League players in his position year after year. He is comparatively more affordable, costing around 2.5 million coins.

The central midfield then primarily focuses on the offensive aspect. Bernardo Silva possesses unique stats, but he comes at a price of around 1.5 million coins. A more affordable (yet outstanding) alternative would be Bruno Guimarães. However, Kevin De Bruyne is undoubtedly a key player, both offensively and defensively. He is a true all-rounder in the team.

In the attack, we have Erling Haaland with his Team of the Season card and the Fantasy Hero card of David Ginola. Both players come with a price tag of around six million coins, but they are truly the best in their respective positions. Additionally, Ginola's ten-star skill rating adds further versatility and complements Haaland perfectly in the team.

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