FIFA 23: FUT Moments – How You Should Use Your Stars

In FIFA 23 we get a new single-player mode for Ultimate Team – FUT Moments. Ideal for some training on the side, EA will constantly supply us with new scenarios to play. Afterwards, we can even choose the rewards ourselves.

FUT Moments FIFA 23
We took a closer look at the new game mode FUT Moments | © EarlyGame / EA Sports

In the new Moments mode, you can earn stars by completing different scenarios. These can then be traded in for several rewards like Loan Players, Draft Tokens or Packs. Here you can get our recommendation on how you should use the stars.

FUT Moments In FIFA 23: Everything You Need To Know

FUT Moments is a new single-player game mode, that is part of Ultimate Team and offers players the option to train specific scenarios. You're able to choose from classic scenarios, which were made up by EA Sports, as well as real scenes from the last matchdays or possibly even legendary moments – I'm instantly thinking of the iconic Roberto Carlos free kick against France...

The good thing is: to train certain plays, free kicks or the new penalties in Ultimate Team, you no longer have to go to the skill games or the skill arena in the main menu. You also don't have to invite a friend of yours to play a friendly match. You simply start this new mode and pick a moment. If you successfully complete the moment, you'll be rewarded with the help of a new reward system.

Rewards In FUT Moments

As previously mentioned, EA Sports is introducing a brand-new rewards system with FUT Moments. You will be rewarded with stars instead of coins or points. In some challenges, you can even earn more stars by playing against a harder KI. If that's too difficult for you, you can at least earn the second star. In order to accomplish this, you just have to play the challenge several times, and then you will get the additional stars. There is a bar displaying your current progress in the top left corner of your screen, next to your coins and FIFA points.

You can either collect and keep the newly earned Stars, or exchange them for rewards of your choice from the Moments Gallery. In addition to classic packs that we already know from Ultimate Team, this also includes special themed items and loan player cards.

Current Rewards – Which Players, Packs And Tokens You Should Pick

Currently, you can earn up to 188 FUT Moments Stars from different challenges and stories. You can play some basic moments, milestones and two features stories. In these two featured stories, you have special squad requirements you have to meet, to be able to play a moment.

FUT Moments Rewards
That's how the FUT Moments rewards look in FIFA 23.| © EA Sports

The most expensive pack which you can currently unlock is a Jumbo Premium Gold Players Pack. This pack costs 64 stars – that's the usual 50K pack in the shop, but it's only available during some Lightning Rounds and Promos. Furthermore, you can choose from an 81-83 Player Pick, a Rare Consumables Pack, an Ultimate Draft Token Pack, a Gold Players Pack, Coach Beard and Ted Lasso as managers, a Gold Contracts Pack and a Welcome Pack.

Additionally, you can claim Kylian Mbappé as a Loan Player for one match. You'll need him for a few Moments. You can always get a Gold Pack for 12 stars and a Premium Gold Pack for 16 stars. It's probably best to go for the most expensive pack, because this is really the only one that will help your FUT Account. Maybe we will see a few new entries, because the Ted Lasso Items were also added to the Star Gallery later.

Good to know: In Moments, you can use Loan Items as often as you want to, as players don't lose contracts. So if you preordered FIFA 23, you can definitely use some of these free Loan Players!