FIFA 23 TOTS Tactics Guide: These Formations Will Guarantee Better FUT Champions Rewards

The FUT Champions, better known as Weekend League, becomes a master test for every FIFA player during the TOTS period. Don't leave your success to chance anymore and use our formations to give yourself an advantage.

FIFA 23 tactics
FIFA 23 TOTS Tactics Guide: Tactic your way to better rewards.

We all know those games in which we feel completely inferior. Not necessarily because their opponents are better than us, but it seems that our opponents have at least one player more on the pitch. Your players, on the other hand, are somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Those defeats hurt even more if you want the best possible TOTS Rewards.

After losing the game, you legitimately ask yourself: What was the reason?

Maybe it was your formation. If that's the case, it doesn't have to stay that way, because with these formations you climb at least one rank higher.

FIFA 23 FUT Champions: The Best Formations For Better Rewards In The Weekend League

Important in advance: You will not find any tactical settings down to the smallest detail here. For the following reasons:

  1. There is no such thing as a perfect tactical setting. If you swear by certain settings, then keep them for the following formations.
  2. We give you an overview of which formations can significantly improve your game without you having to become Pep Guardiola 2.0.
  • However, if you want to work like Pep Guardiola, then we recommend this coach board. Become your own coach.

But we will not be able to avoid using a few small tricks in the tactical settings. We will explain exactly what these are.

The 4-3-2-1 Formation: The All-Rounder Among Formations

The 4-3-2-1 formation became one of the most popular formations relatively early on in FIFA 23. It impresses with its balance.

Offensive: In the offensive, three strikers cause chaos in the opposing penalty area. In midfield, you act with three central midfielders (CM), who can support your offensive game at any time and, paired with the strikers, enable you to play in a nice combination game. For the ultimate attacking football, your full-backs play as additional wingers without further instructions.

Defensive: The basic order on the defensive is not neglected, because with a very simple tactical setting, the 4-3-2-1 defensively becomes a 4-4-2, which means you defend with two compact lines of four. All you have to do is instruct one of your two wing forwards to "come back on defence". At the same time, the central midfielder diagonally opposite needs the "cover wing"-instruction. You should give the two remaining CMs the addition "cover centre".

Quick example: When your Right Forward "come back on defence", he acts as a Right Midfielder. Similarly, you should again let the left Central Midfielder "cover wing" so that he defends as a Left Midfielder. The other two CMs defend the centre with "cover centre".

The 5-2-1-2 Formation: More Offensive Than Five-At-The-Back Might Suggest

Yes we're for real, a five-at-the-back formation. But don't worry: We want to PLAY and not park the bus in front of our goal. Joga Bonito. You won't find a formation here that will just focus on defending. However, many esports players have a back-five formation firmly in their repertoire, and they should know it best.

In many esports tournaments it is getting serious. Don't miss any dates from the crème de la crème of eSports:

Here you can find the last matches of the eChampions League in re-live. Get a taste of what's possible in FIFA:

Offensive: When attacking, the 5-2-1-2 formation is in no way inferior to the 4-3-2-1. Key in this formation are the full-backs. Compared to the previous formation, they may be a little more offensive, because they act even more like wingers. In the center, the two central midfielders are responsible for building up the game. A central attacking midfielder (CAM) plays the decisive pass, which the two strikers should use to score.

Defensive: Nevertheless, 5-2-1-2 is somewhat more defensive than 4-3-2-1. With every attack, two centrebacks remain in defence, so you are relatively well protected from quick counterattacks by the opponent. The two wingbacks move to the line of the centrebacks when the opponents have possession of the ball, which means that you can rely on a real bulwark in the last row.

The two central midfielders support the defense. They are particularly important to prevent long-range shots or passes just before the back-five formation.

The 3-4-1-2: A Last Resort

You should use this formation in the following situation: The opponent is leading shortly before the end. You have to risk everything. Then stake everything on one card, which in our case is called 3-4-1-2. Here you should set "Constant pressure" in the Tactics Settings beforehand. Your strikers and the attacking midfielder constantly attack the opposing defenders.

  • In this game, you can stake everything on one card, as well. "If you know you know""guarantees exciting revelations on evenings with friends and family.

The four-man midfield forms the second pressing line in case your opponent should play his full-backs or wingers. In the defence row are three centrebacks who aggressively go for the ball carrier if the opponent manages to cover the first two pressing lines.

Caution: You should only use this tactic in extreme cases when you absolutely have to score a goal. Because with all offensive power and all the pressure, there is a lot of space for the opponent if you should not win the ball.

Try our formations in the Squad Battles first. There are alsodecent rewards waiting for you here.

One last piece of advice: before trying out the tactics in-game, assign the tactics to quick commands, so that you can activate them in-game. This gives you flexibility in the game, and you can perhaps take your opponents by surprise with just that.

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