Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 will be epic

Fortnite underwater
Image credit: Epic Games

Epic Games hasn't been shy these past few weeks, with more Fortnite teasers here and there, we finally know what will happen to the Fortnite map for Chapter 2, Season 3. Keep reading for more details!

Too much water

Fortnite season 3
(Image credit: Epic Games)

IGN title joke aside, Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 3, which has been delayed for what seems like an eternity, is well on its way. Slowly but surely, small changes have made their way into the Fortnite map, and we seem to have an idea of the aftermath... Water.

Note: The following contains potential spoilers, so please view at your own risk.

It seems like the aftermath of the Doomsday event will see Fortnite's map completely submerged underwater. Will we abandon this island and go elsewhere? Potentially! With these leaked screenshots, we could be adventuring to a completely different island as we know it.

Something we've asked for to Epic Games for the longest time is underwater combat! How cool would that be? Imagine fighting something horrific from the deep, as it sweeps you away to an undisclosed island to battle it out before escaping on the battle bus. One can only wonder and hope, but one thing's for sure is that Epic Games isn't playing around this time.

You can expect more Fortnite content to be coming very soon, especially with these Fortnite leaks making their way around the internet. EarlyGame is excited to see the continued development of the Fortnite map and eagerly await what fate will bring to the Fortnite map as we know it.

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