Fortnite Corrupted Legends Bundle: Why Is It So Special?

Corrupted Legends Pack
Fortnite Corrupted Legends Bundle is out! (Image credit: Epic Games)

The Fortnite Corrupted Legends Pack is now available and all are hyped! But why is it so special?

When Epic started releasing Fortnite Packs and bundles, they usually released only one or two per season. Lately, the bundles and packs have become more and more frequent, making them seem less interesting over time.

In the middle of last month, Epic Games announced that the DC Last Laugh bundle would be available for purchase in November. This includes the Skins for Joker, Poison Ivy, and Midas Rex, as well as three Back Blings, three Pickaxes, one Vapor trail, and 1,000 V-Bucks. Overall, the bundles looked cheap compared to the individual skins, but it's no secret that Epic Games is all about profit.

The Last Laugh Bundle
DC Heroes! (Image credit: Epic Games)

In patch 14.10, there were again bundles discovered by the data miners. One of them was the Fortnite Corrupted Legends bundle, which is now available on different platforms.

The Fortnite Corrupted Legends

The Corrupted Legends bundle contains three skins and three Back Blings. It is unique compared to the other packages and bundles Epic has released because players can choose how the skins will look by using an in-game slider. The slider allows you to choose how black/red or white you want the skin to be. Partially corrupt or fully? The choice is yours.

Furthermore, you can adjust the slider so that the skin is white on the legs, for example, while the rest of the body is wrapped in red. The Corrupted Legends Bundle are new versions of classic skins that came to Fortnite a long time ago. These are:

  • Corrupted Arachne
  • Corrupted Insight
  • Corrupted Shogun

The Back Blings:

  • Corrupted Long Legs
  • Corrupted Sight Sling
  • Corrupted Bladed Wings.
Fortnite corrupted legends pack
Fortnite Corrupted Legends Pack. (Image Credit : Epic Games)

Corrupted Legends Bundle Cost

The price of the new Fortnite bundle is €15.99. If you consider that a single legendary skin costs 2,000 V-Bucks, which is the equivalent of about 20 €. You can see that this is a bargain if you're in the market for skins. However, the pack can only be purchased with real money, which means there is no point in being happy about spending your saved V-Bucks.

You may have bought your V-Bucks with real money in the first place, so what's the deal Epic? It's kind of strange that Epic won't allow you to use the in-game currency you bought with real-life dollars. What's the point of V-Bucks if you can't use them to buy skins? Seems like Epic Games is toying with different ways to monetize the game, but changing the rules just leaves a bad taste in your mouth. You might ask yourself why did I even buy the V-bucks in the first place? Then next time you log in to your Paypal maybe you think twice and choose not to buy those V-Bucks. Better to just wait for the bundles to be released, and see if it's purchasable with dollars or V-Bucks.

Whether the bundle is worth your money, is something you must decide. The bundle will remain in the Epic Games Store until October 15, so you still have plenty of time to decide.

Until then you can take a look at our Fortnite section on EarlyGame. Here you can find all the news about patch 14.20 or Ninja's big comeback to Fortnite.