Fortnite Guide: How to Get Aquaman and the Trident at the Coral Cove

Aquaman challenge
Image credit: Epic Games

Week 5 of Season 3 brought new challenges into play, which not only unlock Aquaman, but also allow you to get his trident and the Arthur Curry version.

In the final week of Aquaman challenges, Aquaman - the King of the Seven Seas himself - arrives on the coast of Fortnite. Now you can claim both his styles and his trident. Check out what you need to do.

Aquaman Trident
Image credit: Epic Games

The Trident by the Coral Cove

Since the beginning of the season, there has been a weekly challenge to unlock certain Aquaman items one by one. In addition, these tasks are prerequisites to finally get the Aquaman skin. Yesterday the last challenge was released with week five. The special thing about it: The challenge not only unlocks the skin but also provides you with a cool new pickaxe for your locker.

Get your trident at the Coral Cove. The latter is still surrounded by water. There are also three places where you can find the trident. Just choose the one that is the easiest for you to reach. They are all located north-west of Sweaty Sands.

Trident location
The Trident sites. (Image credit: Epic Games)

There are three locations for the trident to prevent tens of players from landing on a small rock at the same time. At least the chance to meet opponents who also want to complete the challenge is a little bit lower.

Once you have your trident and have completed the Aquaman challenges of previous weeks, you'll find both the new pickaxe and your cool Aquaman skin in your locker. But for the real fans, there's another style to unlock.

Aquaman - Arthur Curry Version

Once you unlock the Aquaman outfit, another watery target awaits you. You can also claim the shirtless style by jumping over the edge of the waterfall at the Gorgeous Gorge, but remember to wear your new skin while doing so. The Gorgeous Gorge is here on the Fortnite map:

Waterfall at the Gorgeous Gorge.
Waterfall at the Gorgeous Gorge. (Image credit: Epic Games)

So the Aquaman saga of the third season in Fortnite seems to end here, at least for the time being. Deadpool had a yacht party later in the last season, so maybe Aquaman will have a reappearance soon. After all, he's not the only visitor who got out of the sea: The merciless deep-sea mercenary Black Manta is on the hunt for his heroic arch-nemesis. Perhaps we will soon see an epic battle between the two.

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