New Fortnite LTM: What Is Race Royale?

Rally fortnite
Racers are you ready? (Image Credit: Epic Games)

The new LTM for Fortnite Season 4 is out! Rally Royale is the new game mode that pits a small group of racers against each other in a race to the finish. There are no rules in this race! Run, gun, or kill your way to the end.

This new LTM is quite simple: All racers line up at the same place on the map, the starting line, and after a short count down you are off! But make sure to collect enough Golden Tickets before you make your way to the finish line to win! Outside of needing enough tickets, there are no other rules, use helicopters, cars, jetpacks, and grappling hooks to propel yourself through the map. See another racer? Well, blast them with your SMG!

Golden ticket rally royale
Collect 4 Tickets and Cross the Finish Line! (Image Credit: Epic Games)

Rally Royale Mini Map

The Mini-map shows several important pieces of information: The Finish line, the location of Ticket Drops, and other players are marked as red dots. Maybe you choose to hunt down some nearby players or race to the finish instead or maybe loot a nearby gas station for a car instead!

Royale rally minimap
The Mini Map holds all the info. you need! (Image Credit: Epic Games)

As you can see the LTM takes place on the regular Season 4 map so we presume the start and finish lines will be random every match. The Ticket Drops seem to randomly spawn between the starting line and the finish line once the race begins. Racing by foot seems to be the best way to win, but if your course to the finish line passes through a city, a car could easily give you a boost.

Rally finish line
So close to the finish line! (image Credit: Epic Games)

This LTM is a nice change of pace from the typical kill everything style of the Battle Royale genre and is clearly an outlet for fun and not serious competitive play. We recommend you try it out at least once before you knock it!

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