Fortnite: Samsung Galaxy Cup Registrations Are Open!

Fortnite galaxy cup
Image credit: Epic Games

The Fortnite Samsung Galaxy Cup was leaked over the weekend. Now registrations for the tournament are officially open.

The Fortnite Samsung Galaxy Cup was accidentally leaked by Samsung, along with a new skin – the Galaxy Girl. You’re probably thinking it was data miners but it wasn’t. The leak came from Samsung’s Health app which featured a promo for the Fortnite Galaxy Cup. Was it truly accidental though or just a PR move meant to promote the event even further? At this point, it doesn’t really matter since the registrations for the tournament are already open.

New Fortnite Skin: Galaxy Girl / Galaxy Scout

Like it or not, skins have always been a huge part of Fortnite and there’s no sign of slowing down. Epic Games recently added tributes to Aquaman and his arch-nemesis Black Manta as part of the Battle Pass. According to the recent leak, fans can expect the Galaxy Girl / Galaxy Scout to be released along with the event. We’re not really sure about the name yet, but that should become clear once Samsung starts releasing teasers for the new skin.

It's expected that the new skin will only be available to owners of the Samsung Galaxy. Collectors might want to get it as it's not the first galaxy-themed skinned in the game.

Galaxy man fortnite
Image credit: Epic Games

The Galaxy Cup

The Samsung event itself will take place a bit later this week. According to the leak, it was scheduled for July 25 and July 26. This information was later confirmed by an in-game promo banner for the event. It’s going to be an invitation-only type of tournament which already disappointed numerous fans, but it is what it is. Much like the skin above, only owners of the Samsung Galaxy will be eligible to enter the event, so that’s a bit of a let down too. On the other hand, it adds exclusivity.

It's expected that the event will be limited to only mobile devices, but we could be wrong. Stay tuned for more information once it becomes available.

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