Fortnite Season 4: Get Your Marvel Skins

Fortnite marvel
Marvel has taken over Fortnite Season 4. (Image credit: Epic Games)

Along with the Fortnite Season 4 update we also get the new Marvel Skins. To distinguish yourself on the battlefield, you can get different variants of the Marvel skins. But these heroic skins are not easy to get. We show you how.

Whether it’s Thor or Wolverine, the Marvel Skins are extremely popular in Fortnite. Epic Games has added a lot of new skins to the game with Season 4 and we expect to see more during the ongoing season.

You can get eight unique skins with the Nexus Battle Pass during Season 4. But if you want to make your skins unique, you’ll need to invest some time. Epic Games has introduced new versions for each of the Marvel skins that you can collect to modify the original skin, Like a Golden Thor, more suitable for the god.

You will have to play a lot if you want to unlock all the silver, gold, and holo variants of your favorite hero. Below is all the information you need to unlock them.

Fortnite super 1
The new superheroes in Fortnite. (Image credit: Epic Games)

The Battle Pass Grind Begins!

The Season 4 Battle Pass comes with 100 levels to unlock. You can gain experience to level it up or if you got the IRL cash you can pay to skip all 100 levels. After reaching the last level, there is still a lot to do because the pass can actually be leveled up to 220!

Epic Games offers three improved variants for each Marvel character. Some can be easily unlocked, while others may take until the last day of the season to earn them.

The first unique variation is a silver skin for Thor that you unlock at Level 105. The most difficult skin to get is a holographic version of Wolverine. This can only be unlocked when you reach Level 220. It takes an insane amount of experience to unlock the holo skin of Wolverine. This grind even puts MMO grinds to shame, so queue up for some matches, you got some work to do!

Fortnite Thor
Thor God of Thunder

These Aree All Variants You Can Unlock


  • Silver: Level 105
  • Gold: Level 145
  • Holographic: Level 185


  • Silver: Level 110
  • Gold: Level 150
  • Holographic: Level 190


  • Silver: Level 115
  • Gold: Level 155
  • Holographic: Level 195


  • Silver: Level 120
  • Gold: Level 160
  • Holographic: Level 200

Doctor Doom

  • Silver: Level 125
  • Gold: Level 165
  • Holographic: Level 205


  • Silver: Level 130
  • Gold: Level 170
  • Holographic: Level 210

Iron Man

  • Silver: Level 135
  • Gold: Level 175
  • Holographic: Level 215


  • Silver: Level 140
  • Gold: Level 180
  • Holographic: Level 220

To help gain enough experience for all the levels, you should complete the challenges. Every week there will be a new challenge that rewards you with 200,000 XP.

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