The Insane Alien Puzzles Solutions Leaked Ahead of Fortnite Season 7

Fortntie season 7 alien puzzles solved
Fortniters decode the alien messages! (Credit: Epic Games)

Have you seen these insane Fortnite alien puzzles that have appeared across the interwebs? Most of the puzzles have been solved by the smartest Fortniters and several words have been decoded. Let's take a look at what the Fortnite Season 7 alien puzzles have to say!

Credit to the Fortnite devs for putting so much work into these alien puzzles, but jeez we are gamers, not math experts! We like our spoilers flashy, sexy, and in your face so this is definitely something...else.

Now major props to whoever took the time, out of their maybe not so busy life, to solve these strange alien puzzles teasing Season 7 of Fortnite. We commend you for your service and taking one for the legions of Fortniters who just like to shoot and not do math homework written in a made-up alien language.

Bust out your Tinfoil Hat because here are the known solutions to the Alien Puzzles!

Fortnite Alien Puzzle Solutions

Fortnite alien puzzle solutions
So yeah this is actually a thing....(Credit: Epic Games)

What exactly do these alien puzzles mean? Your guess is as good as mine! The solved puzzles spell out these words or phrases so far:

  • Unrecognized Intent
  • Catalog Entry Alpha
  • Banana Friend?
  • They Are Coming
  • Bus
  • Spire

Some of the words reference things everyone knows in Fortnite like the Battle Bus, Peely, and The Spire. The statement "They Are Coming" is also pretty obvious and one assumes it means aliens are coming. One could speculate that Peely will make 'first contact' with the aliens or maybe Peely is actually an alien in a banana costume!

Joking and speculation aside it is pretty clear some kind of alien force will visit the Island of Fortnite in Season 7. However, whether they will be friends or foes is yet to been seen! We will have to wait until the Season 7 live event transitioning us into the new season to find out what Epic Games has planned.

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