Alien UFOs Abducting Fortnite Players

UF Os fortnite season 7
What's that in the sky? Oh, just an alien! (Credit: Fortnite/iFiremonkey)

Alien UFOs are abducting players in the Fortnite lobby before a match begins! Footage of another Alien sightinghas been captured in Fortnite, but what does it all mean?

As Season 7 rumors and speculation are in full force and players are left scratching their heads trying to figure out what Epic Games has up their sleeve, the Season 7 release date of Fortnite is almost here. Then we can finally see what all this UFO and Alien business is about.

Hey! Aliens are coming to Fortnite, so let's dive into the latest leak!

Multiple Alien UFO sightings have now been seen in Fortnite. These ethereal glowing creatures appear for a few moments and then disappear in a rather impressive light display. This insane clip of a massive beam of light appears to abduct some poor unsuspecting Fortnite player.

Amid the pre-match lobby, it appears that Aliens have indeed made contact with a group of Fortnite players. Exactly what this means remains unclear and must be foreshadowing for what is coming in Season 7 of Fortnite.

If you're looking for insight into how these Aliens first made contact: it all began with content creator SypherPK getting a mysterious package about a week ago.

Fortnite Alien Foreshadowing Quests

These quests also happen to be the other Foreshadowing Quests that keep teasing us of the incoming aliens in Fortnite Season 7. Check out how to repair damaged telescopes or visit a crashed helicopter to get some more XP for your Season 6 Battle Pass before it leaves!

But wait, there is more! You can also place a warning sign near crop circles that appeared suddenly on the map a few days ago.

Fortnite players, keep your eyes to the skies, and try not to get abducted before your next match of Fortnite pops!

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