All Fortnite Season 8 Challenges: Week 1 Punch Cards

Fortnite punch cards season 8 week 1
Simple Weekly Punch Card Quests | © Epic Games

Fortnite Season 8 is live, and we already have a ton of new challenges for Week 1. Gone are the legendary and epic quests we had in Season 7, replaced with the simple Weekly Punch Card quest system. We have all the details for you now!

Looks like Kevin and his many cubes have taken over Fortnite Season 8 and Epic has released a new trailer & Battle Pass as with every new season. Most impressively is the awesome Carnage skin located at the end of the Season 8 Battle Pass, so we better start earning our XP now!

When you check your quest tab in the Fortnite lobby, you will see a major difference from the previous Season 7 quest tab. Now we get a series of punch cards with XP amounts and simple quests to do on each card.

What are Weekly Punch Cards?

Seasoned Fortnite vets will recognize these from previous seasons, and the rest of us will understand this as a simple to-do list instead of a single challenge. If you click on a punch card, it will mark the location on your map before you enter a game. There are a lot of punch cards to go through, so let's take a look at your generic Week 1 Punch Card:

Fortnite season 8 week1 punch cards weekly
Season 8 Weekly Punch Card | © Epic Games
  • Complete a Daily Punch Card
  • Place Top 10 with Friends (2)
  • Spend Bars (500)

If you thought these were the only quests, then you are in for a surprise because every new NPC on the Season 8 Map has its own punch card quest line for you to complete.

How to Complete The Weekly Punch Card Challenges

Fortnite season 8 week1 punch cards
Each NPC wants to speak with you | © Epic Games
  • Talk to Torin, The Brat, J.B. Chimpanski and Charlotte to earn 12k XP each.
Fortnite season 8 week1 punch cards1
Each NPC wants to speak with you | © Epic Games
  • Talk to Penny, Kor, Kitbash, Dusk, Dark Jonsey, and Pitstop to earn 12k XP each.
Fortnite season 8 week1 punch cards3
Each NPC wants to speak with you | © Epic Games
  • Talk to Fabio Sparklemane, Madcap and Scuba Jonsey to earn 12k XP each.

On each punch card, you must complete the first quest to move to the next part of the quest. It's just like a quest chain for those of you who ever dared to play an MMO! If you want to see each quest for each punch card, you will need to play some Fortnite and seek the answer yourself because at this point in time, most players are still working on their punch cards, but once we know more info, we will update our Fortnite Challenge Section with all the juicy Season 8 details.

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