Fortnitemares 2022: All Quests & Rewards

Fornite started the Fortnitemares Haloween event! Want to get a nice XP boost for your battle pass and free Halloween-themed cosmetics? Then it's time to join the Fortnite spooky festivities!

Fortnite: The spooky season is here! I ©Epic Games

It's been a long time coming, but the beloved Fortnite Halloween event, Fortnitemares, is back! As always, there's a lot of new stuff coming to the island as a result of the spooky festivities, including free rewards, cosmetics, weapons, and of course, quests to complete.

This time around, the event came alongside patch 22.20, bringing a new way for players to earn XP for their Chapter 3 Season 4 Battle Pass, as well as the ability to get their hands on Halloween-themed cosmetics for free!

So, without further ado, here's everything you need to know about 2022's Fortnitemares event!

Fortnitemares 2022: All Quests

You can find the quests down below. Within the next few days more quests will be added!

As always, we'll be updating the article as more missions come online.


Number of Times

Dance on an Alteration Altar to get the Howler Claws115,000 XP
Hit an opponent while Wolfscent is active115,000 XP
Help defeat Inkquisitor at Grim Gables1Banner Icon
Search Chests at Grim Gables, the Reality Tree, or the Knowby Cabin515,000 XP
Dance with Chrome Punk
15,000 XP
Acquire the Zero Point Pretzel effekt215,000 XP
Dig up and collect Terrifying Tablature in a single match
Hunt zombies or zombie chickens
515,000 XP
Purchase a shotgun from Ash Williams
115,000 XP
Deal shotgun damage at the Knowby Cabin, Willow's Haunt, or Grim Gables
5015,000 XP
Ring a doorbell until it breaks to get a treat (or a trick!)
115,000 XP
Destroy haunted household furniture
Purchase items from Curdle Scream Leader
215,000 XP
Destroy objects with a Pumpkin Launcher
1215,000 XP

So there you have it! We hope you have fun grinding the Fortnitemares event.

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