Fortnite All Valley Cup: Prize, Schedule & More

This is the first tournament of Fortnite Chapter 3 and you have the chance to participate in the All Valley Cup to get some cosmetic prizes.

All Valley Cup Fortnite
A new cup rewards you with some free cosmetics! | © Epic Games

It's time to find out if you're a student or a sensei.

Put the skills you've mastered in training to the test and show your opponents no mercy in the first cup of Chapter 3, Season 1, the All Valley Cup, for a chance to win three different spray designs! Here come all the details!

When Does The Fortnite All Valley Cup Take Place?

The All Valley Cup will start in Europe on Saturday, January 08, 2022 at 16:00 CET. If you want to try your luck on the Oceanic servers as well, just change the region to Oceania and enter on January 8 at 09:00 CET.

How Can I Participate In The Fortnite All Valley Cup?

Taking part is easy. Just take a look at the Competitive tab in the game and search for the All Valley Cup to see when the tournament starts in your region. Once it starts, just select the format and start the lobby.

What Format Will Be Played In The Fortnite All Valley Cup?

The All Valley Cup is played in the solo format. Within 3 hours, you have to collect as many points as possible in a maximum of 10 matches. In the scoring format, placement points are awarded as well as points for eliminations.

Fortnite All Valley Cup point distribution

For each elimination in the All Valley Cup, you will receive one point. Your placement in each match is also important as it earns a ton of points. This is the exact division of the placement points in the All Valley Cup:

  • Epic victory: 30 points
  • 2nd place: 25 points
  • 3rd place: 22 points
  • 4th place: 20 points
  • 5th place: 19 points
  • 6th place: 17 points
  • 7th place: 16 points
  • 8th place: 15 points
  • 9th place: 14 points
  • 10th place: 13 points
  • 11th - 15th place: 11 points
  • 16th - 20th place: 9 points
  • 21st - 25th place: 7 points
  • 26th - 30th place: 5 points
  • 31st - 35th place: 4 points
  • 36th - 40th place: 3 points
  • 41st - 50th place: 2 points
  • 51st - 75th place: 1 point

What Prizes Can I Win In The Fortnite All Valley Cup?

The best players in each region have the chance to win some free cosmetics. This is what you can win:

  • The best 50% of the players: spray motif "Cobra Kai".
  • The best 30% of the players: Spray motif "Miyagi-Do".
  • The best 10% of the players: in addition to the top two, the spray motif "Eagle Fang".

Don't forget to have two-factor authentication enabled on your Epic account to participate in the tournament. You can find the official rules for the All Valley Cup on Epic's blog post. Good luck!

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