Benjyfishy: How a Teenager Became a Fortnite Pro

Benjy is only 16, but has already achieved a lot. (Credit: Benjyfishy)

Benjyfishy is a professional Fortnite player, and he's signed with NRG. At just 16 years old, he's had a stellar career in esports, but what's behind this top young player? Let's find out!

Many Fortnite fans consider Benjyfishy to be one of the best players in the world. Yet Benjy "Benjyfishy" Fish is just 16 years old! He hails from Surrey, England, and first came to attention just before the 2019 Fortnite World Championship. NRG recognized Benjy's potential at the time and brought him onto the team.

His mom even took him out of school so her boy could spend more time on Fortnite (Wow, my mom wouldn't do something like that). Since then, things have been going extremely well for Benjyfishy. We'll show you the highlights of his career!

Benjyfishy's Records

Benjy and his buddy MrSavage easily qualified for the 2019 finals and became one of the most feared duos in the event. They also both made it to the solo finals. In New York, they finished 14th as a duo and Benjy finished 25th in the solos. That won him $100,000 in prize money. Not a bad start!

The following year, it went on like clockwork. In the finals of the 2020 World Championships, he and his team finished 10th. At the FNCS Squads, it went similarly well for him, there he even reached 2nd place with his team and won together with his teammates $120,000. Most recently, we saw Benjy at the European Fortnite Champion Series Qualifiers, where he took the silver medal with his squad.

Benjyfishy's Skills

Anyone who watches Benjy play can see right away that the boy has it in him. In the finals of DreamHack, he made one of the most memorable plays, for which his fans celebrate him to this day. You can watch the video above. Benjyfishy is not only a top player but also a born entertainer. He already gathers over 1.5 million fans on his YouTube channel and uploads videos almost daily. That's real commitment!

If you want to see more of Benjy, be sure to check out this insane match where he single-handedly takes down three of Fortnite's best players (Dmitri "Mitr0" Van de Vrie, Chris "crr" Williams, and Kyle "Mongraal" Jackson):

Benjyfishy Has a Good Heart

One might think that such rapid success must quickly go to a young person's head but it's very different for Benjy. Right at the start of his career, he resolved to use his prize money to buy a house for his mother.

He is also always involved in charity campaigns and simply shows that he likes to give something back. That's how it should be!

Benjyfishy, while extremely ambitious, is anything but a sore loser. In a creative tournament in Fortnite, he let a group of small children win against his squad.

What's Next for Benjyfishy?

Even though things continue to go well for him, Benjy fears that Fortnite might soon no longer be worthwhile. The initial hype is slowly over and there are some problems that he openly addresses:

  • He used to be able to play Fortnite all day and it was always worth it.
  • Now the prize money is getting smaller and smaller, making it harder to make a living from Fortnite so the scene will eventually die out.
  • There are fewer and fewer tournaments, which significantly reduces the fun of the game.

Many players, therefore, have no choice but to earn extra money on YouTube, Twitch, and the like. This might keep the fun alive for a while, but ultimately Epic needs to provide more opportunities for people like Benjyfishy and new players.


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Original article by EarlyGame's Laura Pippig.