Fortnite: Best Team Deathmatch Map Codes

Enter Fortnite Creative mode and take on other players on different Team Deathmatch maps. We've selected the best for you.

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Assemble a team of warriors and fight! | © Epic Games

Fortnite's Team Deathmatch mode provides players with intense battles and a chance to showcase their skills in a team-based environment. While the default maps are exciting, custom-created maps add a new level of variety and challenge to the gameplay.

These maps are designed by talented Fortnite players and offer unique settings, layouts, and strategic opportunities for players to explore.

Best Team Deathmatch Creative Map Codes

4 Maps In 1 Deathmatch 10v10

  • Creator: MapLexMaker
  • Code: 4904-3981-3053

Play as a team of 10 players against 10 other players on four different maps.

Medieval Team Deathmatch

  • Creator: HonestBud
  • Code: 0018-3749-0490

Go back in time and take on the opposing team on a medieval map that will have you on the move.

Deathmatch Red vs Blue

  • Creator: Piduu
  • Code: 6151-2615-6617

Red or blue? Choose your colour and take on the other on a closed map.

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Shady Stilts Deathmatch

  • Creator: PixelatedDreams
  • Code: 2364-0681-1317

Set off on a perfect recreation of Shady Stilts and take on other players without the builds.

Paradise Team Deathmatch

  • Creator: MystikGuy
  • Code: 2753-7126-3823

Land on an island paradise and fight for your life against opposing players.

Fortnite's Deathmatch mode provides an exhilarating experience, and custom maps elevate that experience to new heights. Whether you're craving intense battles in post-apocalyptic settings, exploring enchanted mazes, or fighting amidst tropical landscapes, there's a Deathmatch map for every preference.

So gather your friends, enter the map codes, and embark on unforgettable adventures in Fortnite's Deathmatch mode.

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