Fortnite: The Best Zone Wars Map Codes

Want to play Zone Wars with your friends in Fortnite? Then you are right here. Because we have a list of the best Fortnite Zone Wars Map Codes for you.

Fortnite best zone wars maps
Fortnite: We bring you some of the best Zone Wars Map Codes. | © Epic Games

Zone Wars is perhaps one of the most famous and popular games to play in Fortnite creative mode. This very fun Fortnite mode allows you to take your aim and building skills to the next level!

We'll explain how Zone Wars works in Fortnite and show you some of the best Fortnite Zone Wars maps.

Zone Wars explained in Fortnite

Zone Wars in Fortnite basically allows you to practice endgame in battle royale. Because like most Battle Royale games, the zone in which you can fight in Fortnite also gets smaller and smaller in certain periods of time. There's a storm raging around it that will deal more damage as the zone gets smaller, so don't be in it. At the very end of a round, if there are still multiple survivors, the tiny end zone will actually start moving. This is the moment when you can best demonstrate your skills.

To emulate this end zone behavior in Fortnite, creators have gradually started creating Zone Wars maps where you can practice your shooting accuracy and end zone building technique.

We've handpicked some of the best Fortnite Zone Wars codes to narrow down your options so you don't have to search too far.

The Best Zone Wars Map Codes in Fortnite

Here is our list of the best Fortnite Zone Wars Maps. To play any of these maps, simply enter the code in the "Island Code" section of Fortnite and you're good to go.

Zone wars fortnite
Watch out for the storm. | © Epic Games

Zone Wars: 75th Hunger Games: 5880-5365-5857

Possibly one of the most visually stunning Zone Wars maps out there, 75th Hunger Games is, as you can probably guess, inspired by The Hunger Games. This map has everything you could wish for. Loot in the center of the map, a large jungle to take cover in, and in-game events that will affect how you play.

Desert Zone Wars: 9700-3224-6429

This map is one of the first Zone Wars maps and is still a classic out there. Ultimately, you play in a small desert town where the zone gets smaller and smaller. As far as the loot pool is concerned, everyone spawns with different weapons and items from Chapter 1. So if you want to experience some nostalgia, this map is the right place for you.

Mountain Zone Wars: 2120-6008-5979

Do you miss Tilted Towers as much as we do? Then this map is perfect for you. The city was not reproduced 1 to 1, but at least the buildings of the place can be found here. As with most maps, it's best to play in a group of friends and challenge each other to see who's the last survivor. In most cases it is almost impossible to predict the end zone.

Enigma’s Downhill Rivers Zone Wars: 8662-3682-3295

One of the most notable things about this map is that it has its own unique moving storm that moves on a downhill path, forcing players into melee combat very quickly until the zone eventually closes completely. So if you're already advanced in Zone Wars, or you're looking for something to practice before a tournament, you can let off steam here.

Lockdown Zone Wars: 0354-5587-5414

Are you looking for a unique Zone Wars experience? Then you should definitely try Lockdown. In this map, players are suddenly forced mid-game to fight in close quarters and only the best will survive and emerge victorious. So perfect if you want to practice fighting in the end zone as well as boxing.

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