Blvck Paris x Fortnite Crossover: Everything You Need To Know

Luxury lifestyle brand Blvck Paris has teamed up with Epic Games to release a Fortnite collection! Here come the details.

Blvck Paris x Fortnite
The next fashion brand to partner with Fortnite! | © Blvck Paris

Fortnite has had some crazy collaborations. Whether with films, series or musicians - yes, even with fashion chains like Balenciaga or Moncler! Blvack Paris may have wanted to jump on the bandwagon and have now announced their upcoming collection featuring Fortnite.

Blvck Paris x Fortnite Fashion Collection

Blvck Paris is a luxury lifestyle clothing and accessories brand founded in 2017 by French designer Julian O'Hayon. By building an active community with millions of social media followers and developing a brand that made $1 million in annual sales in its first year, Blvck Paris has quickly become a well-known and loved brand in the market.

Blvck Paris has rapidly evolved, even gaining a foothold in areas of creative business such as Web3, NFTs, and the Metaverse, making the partnership with Fortnite an ideal fit within the markets they dominate.

The new Fortnite collection consists of t-shirts, hoodies, shorts and lifestyle accessories. It is part of an ongoing collaboration and will be available in stores from Monday 16th January 2023. Of course, each of the chic fashion pieces features an iconic character, such as the Cuddle Team Leader or Peely.

How much is the Blvck Paris x Fortnite fashion collection?

Since Blvck Paris is one of the more luxurious fashion brands, the Fortnite collection is unfortunately not exactly cheap. T-shirts will retail for $90 with hoodies starting at $120. Also included in the collection will be a mug that will cost around $65.

The Fortnite collection will be available on the official Blvck Paris website on release date.

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