Fortnite Bosses: Locations & How To Beat

Almost every season of Fortnite has one or more bosses on the island that you can defeat to get unique loot. Therefore, we have all the boss locations from Fortnite Chapter 4, Season 1 for you and show you how to defeat these strong opponents.

Fortnite the ageless boss
Defeat the boss in Fortnite and get the Ex-Caliber Rifle. | © Epic Games

With Fortnite Chapter 2, the first bosses came to the island and since then there has been at least one boss fight within the Battle Royale. These dangerous NPCs will attack you immediately and usually have powerful weapons (and lots of health points), making them very difficult to defeat.

In return, you get great rewards for defeating one of these bosses, and sometimes defeating a boss is also part of an in-game challenge. So if you want to know where to find all the bosses on the Chapter 4 map and how to beat them, you've come to the right place!

Fortnite Bosses: All Boss Locations on the Chapter 4 Map

There is currently only one boss in Chapter 4, Season 1 and that is "The Ageless Champion" which is located at The Citadel, in the northwest of the map.

He can be found anywhere in the castle, but you should find him quickly as he's hard to miss.

Boss location fn
This is where the Fortnite boss "The Ageless Champion" is located. | © Epic Games

How to defeat the Fortnite boss "The Ageless Champion"

Before you face the Ageless, you should first properly equip yourself with weapons and healing stuff. The boss himself fights with a shockwave hammer and the Ex-Caliber Rifle, allowing him to attack you from close range as well as from afar. He also has a lot of health, which is why you should prepare yourself for a long fight if you play in solo mode.

Try to keep the timeless at a distance so his shockwave hammer doesn't crush you and take cover as soon as he uses his ex-caliber rifle. And then it's just a matter of shooting like crazy!

Once you've defeated him, he'll drop you his mythical ex-caliber rifle and his shockwave hammer, as well as other tasty loot. Nevertheless, we recommend that you defeat the boss together with your friends.

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